Ivan Pepelnjak
Who’s Who in Virtual Networking: Ivan Pepelnjak
/ Dec 12, 2013 0 COMMENTS

There are plenty of talkers in the social world, but Who’s Who in Virtual Networking — the experts who the experts track to find out what really going on in IT? We’ve scoured the social world to identify the hidden and not-so-hidden opinion shapers and engagers in the world of virtual network services. Each week…

Topcon uses Silver Peak on Cisco Routers
Topcon Runs Silver Peak WAN optimization on Cisco Routers to Address Branch Performance
/ Dec 11, 2013 0 COMMENTS

Extending enterprise services and applications to branch offices often presents many IT challenges. Sluggish Web applications and long file transfers can threaten user productivity and increase corporate risk of data loss. Topcon Positioning Systems faced these challenges, and while the company knew it could solve its problems with WAN optimization, the company realized deploying WAN optimization hardware would be impractical and expensive for many…

Ride the Rising Tide — Some Tips for BYOD Solution Vendors
/ Dec 10, 2013 0 COMMENTS

Saying BYOD is “hot” today is as big an understatement as saying that Alex Rodriguez did “just a few” steroids.  How hot? Well early this year, our firm, ZK Research did a study that revealed 82% of CIOs now support BYOD in some form.  In an effort to get a deeper look into BYOD and…

business is great
Disaster Recovery Is My Business… And Business Is Good
/ Dec 9, 2013 0 COMMENTS

I recently blogged about the messed-up state of disaster recovery/business continuity — a.k.a. DR/BC — as the amount of data to be stored snowballs. Internet-generated broadband traffic will increase approximately 50% year over year on fixed networks, and 100% on mobile networks, while cloud-based network traffic will grow 600% by 2016. Backups are exceeding backup…

Robot Hugs
Don’t Ban Or ‘Tolerate’ Shadow IT — Actively Embrace It
/ Dec 6, 2013 0 COMMENTS

No doubt there were earlier examples, but for me, Shadow IT — the unsanctioned use of IT products and services (AKA cockroach technology) —  began with the introduction of the IBM PC and business software like spreadsheets, databases, and word processing. Then Apple’s Macintosh started creeping in, mainly among the creative/right-brain-types, and IT began its…

Climbing onto the Cloud
Climbing On The Cloud? Don’t Forget Backup
/ Dec 5, 2013 0 COMMENTS

For any CIO who has not done it yet, cloud on-ramping will still be a major worry-point. And it is not just whether or not to migrate your applications to the cloud — although in some ways that is the more important question — but how to migrate them. At the risk of stating the…

Dynamic Path Control
A Smarter, Hybrid WAN
/ Dec 4, 2013 0 COMMENTS

There’s growing interest in our industry in connecting branch offices to two or more networks, such as the Internet and MPLS. Sometimes this is done for reasons of improving cloud performance, other times for availability or cost. Regardless, maximizing the investment of a hybrid WAN remains a challenge for many IT organizations. Secondary connections often…

Delete Spam
How the Dark Side is Creating the “Notwork”
/ Dec 3, 2013 0 COMMENTS

Despite the massive strides being made in the bandwidth available to users through improved consumer and business connectivity, often, the internet just doesn’t seem responsive enough.  Sure, poorly crafted web sites with poor code can be part of the problem, but just a small part a larger overall problem. According to Kaspersky Labs, averaged across…

Traffic Jam
Traffic Jam At The Cloud On-Ramp
/ Dec 2, 2013 0 COMMENTS

All the best IT odds-setters — i.e. Gartner, IDC and 451 — are betting big on the cloud, and the major IT vendors and their largest public and private-sector customers are covering those bets. However, while there are a growing number of success stories, all does not appear well in cloudtopia. It looks like there’s…

Please Find Alternate Route
NFV & SDN: “You Can Go Your Own Way”?
/ Nov 29, 2013 0 COMMENTS

SDN is maturing: many network vendors now offer variations on a theme of OpenFlow or other SDN-based devices.  However, the latest launches from Cisco via its Insieme group show how the market may well evolve — with no big surprises. Insieme is nominally a SDN-compliant architecture, with an interoperability to OpenStack cloud platforms.  However, as…