Who’s Who in Virtual Networking: Mike Laverick

Mike Laverick Who is he? Mike is the senior cloud infrastructure evangelist for VMware. Before joining VMware he was an independent for 10 years. He’s a former freelance VMware Certified Instructor with 17 years of experience in technologies, such as Novell (NCT), Windows (MCT), Citrix (VCI) and of course VMware (VCI). Very involved in the […]

Better for the Branch — Which Architecture is Right for Your Remote Sites?

An IT manager recently pinged me about our approach to branch offices. He was considering Riverbed’s SteelFusion (formerly Granite) and wanted to evaluate a comparable solution from Silver Peak. It’s a common question and one that underscores the enormous agility, cost, and functionality of the Silver Peak approach. So I decided to work up a […]

Nimble and Silver Peak: Better Together

You’ve heard from us how much Silver Peak improves replication performance, now hear it from the field. CIO Solutions, a Nimble storage partner based in California, recently published their performance testing with Nimble and Silver Peak: My prior experience with WAN optimization had been with Riverbed and the Juniper WX product (use to be Peribit) […]

Who’s Who in Virtual Networking: Aidan Finn

Name: Aidan Finn Who is he? Aidan Finn is a Microsoft Valuable Professional with extensive Hyper-V expertise. Aidan has been working in IT infrastructure since 1996, and is the Technical Sales Lead for MicroWarehouse Ltd., a Microsoft value added distributor in Ireland. He is a contributing editor for the Petri IT Knowledgebase and has written […]

Who’s Who in Virtual Networking: Scott Lowe

Scott Lowe Who is he? A longtime IT hand, Scott has filled just about any role you’d expect in IT — instructor, systems engineer, consultant, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and more. Today, he’s one of the most respected thinkers in the VMware community. Where can you find him? By day, Scott’s an engineering architect for […]

Brazeway Saves Big by Avoiding WAN Optimization Hardware Upgrade

Hardware appliances may sound inexpensive at first, but over time require all sorts of hidden costs, such as forced upgrades due to hardware obsolescence, high sparing costs, increased complexity, and more. Just ask Brazeway, Inc. An aluminum designer and manufacturer, Brazeway had relied on Riverbed hardware primarily for accelerating file services (CIFS traffic) between its […]

Who’s Who in Virtual Networking: Maish Saidel-Keesing

Maish Saidel-Keesing Who is he? Maish is currently a Virtualization Architect for Cisco Video Technologies Israel in Jerusalem, and has worked in IT for the past 15 years with a stronger focus on virtualization for the past 7. Where can you find him? While Maish can be found primarily at his site, Technodrome, and on Twitter, […]

Accelerated IPSec: Democratizing VPNs for All

With the concerns around government wiretapping and data security, we’re announcing today the ability to encrypt all traffic between locations with AES-256. Accelerated IPSec though, is more than just another site-to-site VPN. It’s part of our strategy to democratize the network, allowing anyone to accelerate, secure and deliver any application across the cloud. Whether applications […]

Who’s Who in Virtual Networking: Gabrie van Zanten

Gabrie van Zanten Who is he? Gabrie is a virtualization architect working for Open Line, a Dutch integrator. Where can you find him? He’s the master agent of Gabe’s Virtual World, but he also carries a license-to-write at Facebook, Google+, and Twitter.  Sources have him on several deep cover operations. Including as a contributing editor […]

Who’s Who in Virtual Networking: Ivan Pepelnjak

There are plenty of talkers in the social world, but Who’s Who in Virtual Networking — the experts who the experts track to find out what really going on in IT? We’ve scoured the social world to identify the hidden and not-so-hidden opinion shapers and engagers in the world of virtual network services. Each week […]