Focus on Innovation Needed for CIOs

As everyone knows the “I” in CIO stands for information. Isn’t it time though that this changed and the CIO’s role is to become the Chief Innovation Officer? Historically the mandate for the CIO has been to keep the technology up and running to support the business. Even in today’s IT era where the CIO […]

Cloud Islands & Fantasy Islands: Addressing the Cloud’s Dark Side

Remember the TV show Fantasy Island? The late 70s/early 80s show would start with a character named Tattoo shouting “The plane! The plane!” and pointing to the sky at a plane coming to the Island filled with a bunch of people looking to fulfill a fantasy. The other main character, Mr. Roarke (aka Khan Noonien […]

Your Network Needs Agility — Whatcha Gonna Do?

Remember in the old World Wrestling Federation days when Mean Gene Okerlund would interview all of the wrestlers and each one would have their own tag line? Rick Flair’s was a simple “woo!” while Hacksaw Jim Duggin would scream “oh-ooh!” Hulk Hogan’s might have been the most memorable when he would ask his next opponent, […]

Goodbye Radio Shack — Software Shift Claims Another Victim

Radio Shack recently announced that, after 94 years, it was declaring bankruptcy and selling over 2000 stores to Sprint. The company may sell some other stores and no matter how the restructuring turns out, the Radio Shack moving forward will be significantly different than the one we’ve known. Radio Shack was a giant in its […]

Internet Connections Can Be Used For More Than Best Effort Traffic

The topic of WAN transformation is certainly nothing new, but the shift to mobile and cloud computing is making the evolution of the WAN something businesses must make a priority. Prior to being an analyst I ran some fairly large WANs, and for as long as I can remember there has been talk of trying […]

It’s The Software, Stupid! But Also The Hardware And ASICs

The mania around software is at an all-time high. Everyone is a software vendor and it seems no one wants to be in the hardware business anymore. Software is the new, sexy item and people flock to software solutions like teens flock to Taylor Swift — hardware is so last century. However, I think it’s […]

Why CEOs Should Care About Software-Defined Networks

The momentum around Software-Defined Networks (SDNs) continues to be as strong as ever. It’s hard for me to have a discussion with anyone in technology without the topic of “software-defined” something coming up. However, recently I’ve had a few discussions with non-IT individuals about the value of SDNs and why they should care about them. […]

The Hackers Are Coming, The Hackers Are Coming! Is Your Network Ready?

If Paul Revere were a security professional, his midnight ride would be spent warning about the impending wave of cyber-attacks. IT and security leaders may not need to mount steeds, but my research shows they must sound their own clarion call and get the enterprise to make a fundamental change in its security posture. Forget […]

Operational Challenges Continue To Plague Legacy WANs

This site, like many others, has focused on the need to evolve the WAN. Much of the value proposition for the shift to a hybrid WAN is to improve application performance, which is often poor over WAN. However, the challenges with a legacy WAN go beyond application performance. Operational issues are as big or a […]

IoT Made My Disney Experience Better

My last IoT blog was focused on how the Internet of Things isn’t really about connected devices but rather about how to create new experiences using the connected endpoints. A short while ago, my wife and I took her niece and nephew to Disney World and the connected experience that Disney offers is fantastic, so […]