It’s Time To Dump The Private WAN

Throughout the years, changes in computing have redefined the enterprise network.  During the mainframe era, there really wasn’t much of a network, other than small networks that resided inside the company headquarters.  A few locations had remote terminals but most of them were connected via dial-up modems.  Once the client/server computing era came about, organizations […]

Wide Area Networks are the Low Hanging Fruit of SDNs

Software Defined Networks (SDNs) have obviously been a hot topic on this site and many others for the past few years.  Despite the media hype, SDNs remain somewhat of an enigma for many enterprise network mangers.  The concepts of automation, programmability, and centralized control make sense to most network professionals I have talked to.  However, […]

Has Microsoft Finally Righted the Ship?

Recently Microsoft released its earnings from the 4th quarter of 2013, and the results pleased Wall Street.  The company posted strong earnings of $0.78 per share, significantly higher than the street’s expectation of $0.68.   The strong earnings were a result of a 14% revenue increase that many news reports have tied to increased sales of […]

New Year’s Resolutions for WAN Managers

Happy New Year!  It’s hard to believe, but 2014 is already here, so it’s time for all of us to make a bunch of resolutions that we have no intention of keeping!  For the WAN manager, though, I believe it’s time for change, and I’ve outlined a few New Year’s resolutions that should be taken […]

Top Networking News of 2013

2013 was certainly a big year of change in the networking industry.  As always, we had some big news made with new product announcements, executive changes and merger and acquisition activity.   However, there were a few happenings that I thought stood out above all in networking for the year 2013. VMWare Launches NSX At VMWorld […]

Rise of the Machines, Google-Style

Remember when you first saw the first Terminator movie? Great action, funny lines (“I’ll be back”), killer robots, and a hot heroine made up the plot line. First-rate entertainment, but the stuff of science fiction, right? Nothing we would ever have to worry about. Not so fast… You may have missed it with all the […]

Ride the Rising Tide — Some Tips for BYOD Solution Vendors

Saying BYOD is “hot” today is as big an understatement as saying that Alex Rodriguez did “just a few” steroids.  How hot? Well early this year, our firm, ZK Research did a study that revealed 82% of CIOs now support BYOD in some form.  In an effort to get a deeper look into BYOD and […]

Mobile WAN Optimization is Overrated

The WAN optimization market has gone through significant growth over the past decade. It’s gone from a niche technology that not many companies actually knew about to something that many network managers can’t live without. However, one segment of this market that hasn’t grown much is mobile WAN optimization, which raises the question, “Just how […]

Are Smart Cities Something for Citizens to Embrace or Fear?

I attended the inaugural Internet of Things World Forum the last week of October in Barcelona, Spain.  Part of the Forum was a walking tour of the city to show off all of the great IoT innovation that the city has implemented over the past few years to make Barcelona one of the smartest cities […]

How Will Vendors Monetize the Internet of Things?

I’m off to Barcelona this week to attend Cisco’s “Internet of Things” conference.  I believe this is the first time the company has run this event although there have been other events dedicated to this topic.  There’s no doubt that we’ll continue to see more and more things connected to the Internet.  In fact, my […]