The Top Five Network Problems Solved by SDN

IT has changed significantly over the past decade. The rise of the cloud, mobile computing, and other trends like Internet of Things has shifted IT from being server centric to being network centric. This is why IT and business leaders should consider the network to be a strategic asset. Consequently, any problem that impact the […]

It’s Time to Simplify Security

The annual RSA security show was recently held in San Francisco. RSA is always a great show and it’s a chance to go see the latest and greatest in the ever-changing, fast-moving world that is security. There’s no question security is as hot as it’s ever been, with the show drawing over 30,000 attendees and […]

It’s Time For Network Engineers to Give Up Their “Sine Qua Non”

In the final 2009 season of the TV series Battlestar Galactica (the greatest show in history of TV), Admiral William Adama decides to let the fleet jump away and continue the search for Earth without him. Instead, Adama waits alone in a raptor with the hopes that the Cylon Basestar that President Laura Roslin is […]

Lessons Learned From a Cloud Migration

It’s hard to go anywhere today and not be inundated with the cloud. I see billboards on highway 101 between San Jose and San Francisco, there are cloud signs in airports, and it seems every TV show has some kind of cloud commercial embedded in it. This has put tremendous pressure on IT leaders to […]

Seven Habits of Highly Effective WiFi Deployments

There’s no question that a robust, solid WiFi network is something that all businesses require today. For most companies, the wireless network was the second network, and an augmentation to the wired network. However, times have changed and what was once the exception has become the norm in many cases. The most obvious driver of […]

Ripley’s Next Exhibit: The Internet Wide Area Network

If you’ve ever been to a Ripley’s Believe it or Not Museum, you’ll know it’s filled with things that are true, but hard to believe. For example, the museum has “ginormous” bugs that you can keep as pets, use to fight one another, or even eat! Hard to believe, but true. They also have microscopic […]

Focus on Innovation Needed for CIOs

As everyone knows the “I” in CIO stands for information. Isn’t it time though that this changed and the CIO’s role is to become the Chief Innovation Officer? Historically the mandate for the CIO has been to keep the technology up and running to support the business. Even in today’s IT era where the CIO […]

Cloud Islands & Fantasy Islands: Addressing the Cloud’s Dark Side

Remember the TV show Fantasy Island? The late 70s/early 80s show would start with a character named Tattoo shouting “The plane! The plane!” and pointing to the sky at a plane coming to the Island filled with a bunch of people looking to fulfill a fantasy. The other main character, Mr. Roarke (aka Khan Noonien […]

Your Network Needs Agility — Whatcha Gonna Do?

Remember in the old World Wrestling Federation days when Mean Gene Okerlund would interview all of the wrestlers and each one would have their own tag line? Rick Flair’s was a simple “woo!” while Hacksaw Jim Duggin would scream “oh-ooh!” Hulk Hogan’s might have been the most memorable when he would ask his next opponent, […]

Goodbye Radio Shack — Software Shift Claims Another Victim

Radio Shack recently announced that, after 94 years, it was declaring bankruptcy and selling over 2000 stores to Sprint. The company may sell some other stores and no matter how the restructuring turns out, the Radio Shack moving forward will be significantly different than the one we’ve known. Radio Shack was a giant in its […]