It’s The IP — Not The IT — That Matters

Many organizations seem to believe that their IT equipment is valuable.  They spend inordinate amounts of money applying security to their servers, storage, network switches, and appliances and then assume that, as they have done this, they are suddenly a secure company.  Even where there is an understanding that hardware security is not enough, the […]

Nattering Nabobs of Network Negativism Strike Gold

Between the upcoming RSA Conference 2014 and Mobile World Congress 2014 my inbox has been overflowing with EVERYTHING security and mobility, but buried in that cornucopia of marketing hype and hysteria were a couple of new surveys that reinforce why networking managers do not get the respect they deserve. The big news are that mobility […]

Welcome the Data Scientist, your next CEO

I attended a round table with Actian recently, one of a series it has been running around the world.  Nominally on the subject of business analysis, it seems that at one of the US events, a comment that data scientists would become the next generation of CEOs seemed to get a warm reception. Inside my […]

Big Data To Play Major Role In Network Security

Depending upon your perspective, it’s been a really bad or a really good few weeks for security. However, while the outlook remains bleak — both for the existing and pending victims, and for the insurance industry — there is a ray of hope with a greater focus on security, and the role that Big Data […]

Why Is The CMO Spending So Much On IT?

Do you believe the recent spate of articles in magazines such as Forbes that state that within five years CMOs will spend more on IT than CIOs do?  Having run network organizations at two Fortune 500 companies, the thought that CMOs will spend more on IT than CIOs do makes the hair on my head […]

Today’s Backup And Recovery Menu: A Recipe For Disaster

When people talk about the skyrocketing amount of data being created — and consumed — they typically focus on the storage, bandwidth, or analysis aspects, but there is another critical element that has major implications for organizations: backup and recovery, or business continuity. Issues like productivity, service level agreements — i.e. recovery point objectives (RPOs) […]

Tape Is Cloud-Ready, But Are Cloud Users Tape-Ready?

When I write about tape drives, I usually get two very different sets of reactions. At one end are the jokes about lost data and 48-hour retrieval times. At the other are the comments, usually made in response to the first lot, along the lines of “When was the last time you used a tape […]

Networkers Looking For M2M’s Deus Ex Machina

I was recently in Dallas for Teradata’s annual customer conference, where the theme was Unleashing The Power Of Data, and one of the topics of discussion was machine-to-machine data. The attendees were primarily big companies and governments used to dealing with Big Data, but everybody not hiding under a rock for the last two years […]

Are Smart Cities Something for Citizens to Embrace or Fear?

I attended the inaugural Internet of Things World Forum the last week of October in Barcelona, Spain.  Part of the Forum was a walking tour of the city to show off all of the great IoT innovation that the city has implemented over the past few years to make Barcelona one of the smartest cities […]

Why The Future Needs Local CDN

Content delivery (or distribution) networks (CDN) are generally perceived as being of concern only for wide area networks (WANs).  The idea is that relatively static content can distributed to be held as close to a user as possible so as to reduce the stress on a single server that would result from videos, music, and […]