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Is Moore’s Law Going To Be Repealed?
/ Jun 30, 2015 0 COMMENTS
I recently attended the Open Networking Summit in Santa Clara. During a morning ...
Why The Cloud Beats Legacy Compute Models
/ Nov 21, 2014 0 COMMENTS
Recently I was a speaker at Westcon’s Cloud event in Orlando, FL. While the event was being held close to Disney, Universal Studios, and other hot spots for fun and games, the event ...
Is Software-Defined Storage A Solution In Search Of A Problem?
/ Nov 20, 2014 0 COMMENTS
Software-defined storage, or SDS, seems such a great idea. After all, when we are faced by a new project most of us still think in terms of how many drives to buy for it, yet the fact ...
The Application Economy: Why Apps Matter!
/ Oct 3, 2014 0 COMMENTS
A couple of years ago I blogged about the rise of the Selfish App, an application that downloads a lot of data as fast as it can, regardless of the needs of other applications on the ...
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Meeting the Makers at IDF14
/ Sep 26, 2014 0 COMMENTS
From Technology to Product Intel may be the Godzilla of computer processing technology, but all giants have humble beginnings, and if they do not keep in touch with their inspirational ...
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Turning Oracle Over To A Hurd of Catz
/ Sep 24, 2014 0 COMMENTS
Oracle Open World 2014 kicks off next week and promises to be like no other as, I’m sure everyone is well aware, last week the company’s CEO, Larry Ellison, announced he was turning the ...
Problem inside a maze
SDN: Still A Solution In Search Of A Problem?
/ Sep 2, 2014 0 COMMENTS
Networks are facing serious problems with the four Vs — volume, velocity, variety and variability — so it should come as no surprise that any glimmer of a hope, i.e. ...
Hardware Still Matters (Sort Of. Maybe.)
/ Aug 15, 2014 1 COMMENTS
As noted recently, network hardware may be on the ropes, but while certainly battered and bruised, it still matters. In fact, more than $1 trillion will be spent on telecom and datacom ...
Top of the heap
Staying On Top Of The SDN Heap
/ Aug 4, 2014 0 COMMENTS
It’s a good news/bad news situation for Cisco, according to a couple of new reports. The good news is that Cisco still dominates the networking industry, showing its heels to the ...
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Shake It Up: Converged Infrastructure Requires IT Rethink
/ Jul 31, 2014 0 COMMENTS
A couple of months ago I attended VCE’s first annual analyst conference. For those that don’t know VCE, it’s a joint venture — primarily between Cisco and EMC, with a bit of ...
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Lies, Damned Lies, And IT Budgets
/ Jul 30, 2014 0 COMMENTS
Author Mark Twain is said to have lamented the three types of lies: lies, damned lies and statistics. Twain, who knew a thing or two about people, also said “The secret of getting ...