Virtual Appliances Going Mainstream In The Data Center

VMware, EMC’s majority-owned virtualization business, has been pushing the software-defined data center for close to two years, but while SDDC still remains more of a concept than a reality, virtual appliances are going mainstream in the data center, according to a new report from Infonetics Research. “Virtual application delivery controller (ADC) revenue is growing fast […]

Performance Is The First Victim In Application Warfare

“The more, the merrier!” goes the old cry. Well, not when a multitude of applications jostle for priority across a ‘best effort’ Internet. Oldies among us still remember the days of crystal-clear analog telephone conversations across connections that were completely reserved for our conversing pleasure (of course, telecom costs were outrageous, and there wasn’t any […]

Using Converged Network Offload to Turbocharge VM Migration

You’ve accelerated your WAN, virtualized your servers, and switched over to 10Gig Ethernet, but VM management — and in particular VM migration — is still taking too long, and when you do it, it hammers the servers. What is going wrong, and what can you do? In many cases the culprit will be network overhead. […]

SDN: Necessity, Infatuation, Dated, Or Will Never Happen?

Santa Clara in early February will be home to the inaugural OpenDaylight Summit, the conference intended to advance the community-led and industry-supported open source Software-Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) platform. “Getting together to learn from each other and meet face-to-face is an important component of accelerating adoption of SDN and NFV,” said […]

Storing Up a Load of Nonsense

We’ve had the server wars, with crazy speeds and feeds data being spouted by vendors.  We’ve had the network wars, with stories of how just throwing more bandwidth at a problem solves everything. And now, we seem to be in the middle of the storage wars, where numbers and “facts” are being thrown around by […]

Is 2014 The Year SDDC Breaks Out?

According to some, SDN is still not ready for prime time, although this year will start to see some serious pilots as the software-defined-everything movement continues to gather momentum. However, some are convinced that 2014 will be the year of the software-defined data center, and offer up compelling arguments of why SDDC is poised to […]

Cruising Down The Info Highway In A Shiny New SeDaN

Much like the old IBM joke about how good things will be when they get here, almost everybody is talking about how good networking will be when software-defined networking is finally here. However, while most everybody is talking about SDN, and the timing is subject to debate (i.e. sooner/Dell and later/Cisco), the  reason why everybody […]

NFV & SDN: “You Can Go Your Own Way”?

SDN is maturing: many network vendors now offer variations on a theme of OpenFlow or other SDN-based devices.  However, the latest launches from Cisco via its Insieme group show how the market may well evolve — with no big surprises. Insieme is nominally a SDN-compliant architecture, with an interoperability to OpenStack cloud platforms.  However, as […]

Cloud Traffic Climbing To New Heights

According to that seer of seers, that prognosticator of prognosticators — AKA the third annual Cisco Global Cloud Index (2012 – 2017) — global cloud traffic, the fastest growing component of data center traffic, is expected to grow 450% by 2017. That’s a 35% combined annual growth rate (CAGR), while global data center traffic will […]

Insieme, Cisco’s SDN Spin-In, Boldly Goes (Away)

While SDN got scant mention in Cisco’s Insieme Networks swan song — the delayed debut of Application Centric Infrastructure — the future of networking (or at least a future Cisco has already bet just under a billion on) should have a major impact on the entire IT industry. For starters, the company said ACI will […]