Add and Subtract to Your Data Security Paranoia

The USA PATRIOT Act.  The Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA).  The NSA/GCHQ data snooping issues.  The issuance of a disclosure warrant under the Electronic Communications Privacy Act (ECPA) by a US judge to Microsoft to disclose information held in emails in an Irish datacenter. These and other issues have focused thoughts yet again as […]

Corporate Data Loss Headaches Alleviated With MDM

“Can’t find your iPhone? But you had it when you left for work.” Many recognize that sinking feeling, when your preferred comms tool suddenly isn’t in your pocket — we go through the five stages of loss: denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. Many companies demonstrate similar reaction patterns when it comes to lost devices, […]

The One Reason Why Your Network Will Never Work

To paraphrase a well-known sci-fi program: the journey is towards “Latency — the final frontier”.  As organizations chase nanoseconds of performance to approach real-time computing as closely as possible, we see improvements in networking technology and also in server bus and storage interconnect technologies. Indeed, at a recent EMC event, a slide was shown demonstrating […]

Data Protection & Doing More With Less

The ongoing pressure to do more with less — MORE data, devices, users, applications, locations, protection, and LESS money, resources, and especially time — is relentless. However, while data protection doesn’t get the attention of all the things required to keep an organization running efficiently and effectively, without doing it well, no organization can survive […]

WAN is Key Obstacle to Holistic Data Protection (Video)

Silver Peak storage expert Everett Dolgner speaks about the wide area network (WAN) being the weakest link in a holistic data protection strategy. “Most replication tools do a good job of moving data, but those tools can run into problems when running over a less-than-perfect WAN,” says Dolgner. “It’s not uncommon to see a 100 […]

EMC VSPEX Lab Validated Replication Acceleration

Today at EMC World 2014 in Las Vegas, Silver Peak announced a joint solution with EMC – Silver Peak with RecoverPoint for VSPEX. This is an exciting milestone and a culmination of a great deal of effort by both Silver Peak and EMC. VSPEX is a reference architecture designed to help channel/reseller partners quickly deploy converged […]

Improving Data Backup & Recovery #2 IT Priority (Infographic)

A study conducted by Enterprise Strategy Group found data backup and recovery to be the second most important IT priority for organizations over the next 12 months. The survey, conducted on behalf of Silver Peak, also revealed how critical data is perceived to be to an organization’s success. Download the ESG report: Meeting the Impossible RPO […]

Bringing Software-Defined Data Acceleration to EMC World

The EMC World conference is upon us again, and this year promises more than just the fun and bright lights of Las Vegas. The show, being held May 5-8 at the Venetian in Las Vegas, brings together IT rock stars from all parts of the world. It offers hands-on product demonstrations, hundreds of technical sessions on […]

Nimble and Silver Peak: Better Together

You’ve heard from us how much Silver Peak improves replication performance, now hear it from the field. CIO Solutions, a Nimble storage partner based in California, recently published their performance testing with Nimble and Silver Peak: My prior experience with WAN optimization had been with Riverbed and the Juniper WX product (use to be Peribit) […]

Data Protection: A More Holistic Approach

“Prying eyes, they’re watching you, watching your data move…” (Sung to the tune of ‘Private Eyes’ by Hall and Oates) Good luck getting that out of your head. Well… those of you old enough to remember that song. This post is all about data protection — more importantly, holistic data protection. When we launched the […]