The Growing Need For Intelligent Workload Management

Life used to be so good. An operating system was loaded onto a server of some sort and an application stack loaded on top of that. Provided the workload remained pretty static, the performance was pretty much guaranteed. The problem was that most workloads weren’t static. As such, resource ceilings were often hit, and the […]

The Holiday Internet Weather Map

Holiday shopping may be behind us, but Internet weather is still very much here. The fluctuations in latency and packet loss that can disrupt the cloud, and for that matter Internet shopping, continue to be a vital consideration in any network architecture. To find the extent of its impact, Silver Peak documented Internet weather patterns […]

Cloud Data Protection: The Three Factors That Will Ease Your Transition

More data and applications are being moved into the cloud than ever before. If you believe the marketing hype, the cloud will solve all of your problems, for 1/10th the cost, in half the time, and make you a cup of coffee in the process. But what happens when you move data protection (backup, snapshots, […]

MEF ‘Third Network’ Vision Challenges Net Neutrality

The MEF (Metro Ethernet Forum) is arguably the best-functioning global industry networking forum. So when Bob Metcalf (the inventor of the Ethernet standard) on behalf of MEF launches a vision of Networking-as-a-Service — dubbed the ‘Third Network’ — to be realized on top of Carrier Ethernet 2.0, we sit up and take note. The central […]

Better Visibility Is Needed When the “Check Cloud” Light Goes On

Remember the old days? When one could look under the hood of a car when the Check Engine light went on? That feels like eons ago, given that cars today basically have a “start button” to fire up the car and get the computer going. The Check Engine light today means a mandatory visit to […]

Net Neutrality? Why?

The original concept of the internet was for a free and egalitarian means of moving and accessing data around the globe.  Indeed, originally, the whole idea of commercial activity on the internet was frowned upon. Now, however, the World Wide Web has moved a bit on how we use the internet.  Although we are all […]

Data Dilemma: Location, Location, Location (& Location)

While still important today, by 2020 the physical location of data will be largely irrelevant, according to a new report from Gartner. That may not be as big a concern as it might appear because another recent study finds that not knowing the location of sensitive or private data is the foremost concern of today’s […]

Poor Internet Service Provision Will Tie Your Life In Knots

People are migrating in their millions from landlines to voice over IP (VoIP) systems. Video over the internet is a major way of keeping in touch with dispersed family members around the globe. More television services are being offered over the internet, including the fastest growing aspect, catch-up. Music services, such as Spotify and internet […]

Add To (and Subtract From) Your Data Security Paranoia

The USA PATRIOT Act.  The Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA).  The NSA/GCHQ data snooping issues.  The issuance of a disclosure warrant under the Electronic Communications Privacy Act (ECPA) by a US judge to Microsoft to disclose information held in emails in an Irish datacenter. These and other issues have focused thoughts yet again as […]

Corporate Data Loss Headaches Alleviated With MDM

“Can’t find your iPhone? But you had it when you left for work.” Many recognize that sinking feeling, when your preferred comms tool suddenly isn’t in your pocket — we go through the five stages of loss: denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. Many companies demonstrate similar reaction patterns when it comes to lost devices, […]