Don’t Let A Data Center Outage Leave You Out In The Cold

Welcome to the winter of my discontent: outside the wind is moaning and shrieking up a storm, snow buries the landscape, temperatures keep plummeting and groundhogs are turning up frozen stiff as boards. So it seemed appropriate to consider disaster recovery and business continuity (DR/BC). Today’s data centers — yours or your service provider’s — […]

Disaster Recovery Is My Business… And Business Is Good

I recently blogged about the messed-up state of disaster recovery/business continuity — a.k.a. DR/BC — as the amount of data to be stored snowballs. Internet-generated broadband traffic will increase approximately 50% year over year on fixed networks, and 100% on mobile networks, while cloud-based network traffic will grow 600% by 2016. Backups are exceeding backup […]

Climbing On The Cloud? Don’t Forget Backup

For any CIO who has not done it yet, cloud on-ramping will still be a major worry-point. And it is not just whether or not to migrate your applications to the cloud — although in some ways that is the more important question — but how to migrate them. At the risk of stating the […]

Today’s Backup And Recovery Menu: A Recipe For Disaster

When people talk about the skyrocketing amount of data being created — and consumed — they typically focus on the storage, bandwidth, or analysis aspects, but there is another critical element that has major implications for organizations: backup and recovery, or business continuity. Issues like productivity, service level agreements — i.e. recovery point objectives (RPOs) […]

Tru Blu Beverages Drinks to Faster Replication, HTTP and Optimized VoIP (Video)

Tru Blu Beverages, whose Australian-manufactured soft drinks include Waterfords, Pub Squash, LA Ice Cola and Wicked Energy Drink, has achieved sparkling results with Silver Peak data acceleration software. Watch this video to see how today the company is supporting its business on a lighter and lower cost infrastructure than what competing WAN optimization vendors could […]

Learning the Lesson of Distance — Hurricane Sandy A Year Later

I try to write for the Silver Peak blog on a regular basis, usually aiming for a weekly post…sometimes even making my deadline. Most of the time I write last minute after spending a couple of days thinking about what I want to say. Last week when I was asked to write about Hurricane Sandy […]

Masterpet Speeds Veeam Data Replication across the Tasman with Silver Peak (Video)

Pet products and services company Masterpet has streamlined its nightly Veeam virtual machine (VM) replication and disaster recovery (DR) exchange between New Zealand and Australia. Using Silver Peak data acceleration software, Masterpet is now transmitting three times more data twice as fast over a five megabit-per-second (Mbps) connection. Masterpet’s nightly 500 megabyte (MB) VM replication […]

An RPO By Any Other Name…

I spent last week in London for IP Expo. During the show I led a couple of sessions, one on big data mobility, and another on replication acceleration. Though I plan to focus on Big Data in another entry, for this post I want to focus on replication and data protection. One thing I noticed […]

Making Replication Acceleration Easy…for Anyone

When we shipped our Velocity Replication Acceleration software, or VRX, in February of this year, it created a new category of software to help storage administrators meet their recovery point objectives (RPOs) and backup windows. Before February, the only solution was full-blown WAN optimization and the myriad of deployment scenarios that came along with it. […]

Surviving Tradeshow Season: Next up, NetApp Insight

Does anyone remember when there was a tradeshow season? I seem to remember three or four consecutive months of shows, and now they seem to be year-round. Of course, the good thing is that I get to go interesting places, talk to a lot of customers, and learn about all of the new things that are happening […]