Evolving from SD-WAN to SD-WAN Edge Solutions
/ Mar 6, 2017 0 COMMENTS
The Next Generation of WAN Solutions Over the last 18 months there has been a large ...
Reducing WAN Complexity with SD-WAN Segmentation
Reducing WAN Complexity with SD-WAN Segmentation
/ Oct 4, 2016 0 COMMENTS
There are a lot of reasons why IT is so excited about SD-WAN solutions these days. Of course, the potential cost savings of being able to leverage broadband internet connections ...
SD-WAN Makes An Excellent Segmentation Tool
/ Sep 27, 2016 0 COMMENTS
The topic of segmentation is currently red hot.  Different vendors are using various terms such as micro, hyper and nano-segmentation.  Whatever the name, the goal is the same: to ...
The WAN is Dead, Long Live the WAN
/ Aug 9, 2016 0 COMMENTS
The WAN your company has today will likely be the last you ever use. The race to move applications and services to the cloud, and the availability of high performance broadband is ...
With SD-WAN, Don't Forget Performance
With SD-WAN, Don’t Forget Performance
/ Aug 5, 2016 0 COMMENTS
The enterprise WAN has always been challenging to manage. It can be complicated, slow to reconfigure, lack security and many applications perform poorly over it. High service costs, ...
SD-WAN cooperation
Standardization Is The Key To SD-WAN Success
/ Jul 11, 2016 0 COMMENTS
When it comes to IT projects — be they WAN or any other domain — there’s a general rule of thumb that should be applied but often is not: if the solution is more complicated than the ...
100 SD-WAN Customers
All SD-WANs Aren’t Equal and We Have the Customers to Prove It
/ May 10, 2016 0 COMMENTS
When new markets evolve and categories are established, vendors, analysts and influencers each spend a tremendous amount of time in the early days helping to educate the market. There’s ...
Prepping for Software Defined WANs
/ Mar 15, 2016 0 COMMENTS
Software-defined WAN (SD-WAN) continues to pick up momentum as organizations look to evolve their networks to meet the demands of digital transformation, Internet of Things (IoT), and ...
One, Two, Five — no, Three! — SD-WAN Demos for #NFD11
/ Jan 28, 2016 0 COMMENTS
On January 21st, the entourage of delegates for Networking Field Day 11 descended on Silver Peak headquarters in Santa Clara, CA. Eleven delegates, representing a cross section of the ...
What’s Inhibiting SD-WAN Adoption?
/ Jan 18, 2016 0 COMMENTS
Everybody in IT is aware of the hype cycle that surrounds the introduction of new technologies and architectures such as a Software-Defined WAN (SD-WAN). There are two key factors that ...
What are the Benefits & Drivers of SD-WAN Adoption?
/ Jan 5, 2016 0 COMMENTS
There is a tendency in our industry to associate emerging technologies such as Software Defined WANs (SD-WANs) with a very broad, and often unrealistic set of benefits. This tendency ...