When It Comes To SD-WANs, WAN Optimization Should Be A No Brainer
/ Aug 14, 2017 0 COMMENTS
As someone who has been following enterprise WAN architectures for decades, I find ...
Machine Learning
What is Machine Learning and Why Should You Care?
/ May 1, 2017 0 COMMENTS
A recent article identified what Gartner considers to be the top 10 strategic technology trends for 2017, one of which is machine learning. Per that article, machine learning has ...
How Close Are We To The Self-Driving WAN?
/ Apr 24, 2017 0 COMMENTS
In my last few blogs I’ve talked about the journey from the Software Defined WAN to the Self-Driving WAN. Applying artificial intelligence and machine learning to the WAN might seem ...
Regional Hubs
SD-WAN Makes Regional Hubs A Reality
/ Apr 19, 2017 0 COMMENTS
When it comes to WAN architecture, there has been a debate that has raged on for decades.  Hub-and-spoke or fully distributed mesh, which is better?  Hub-and-spoke networks are ...
SD-WAN to the Power of Three
SD-WAN to the Power of Three: Enabling a New Generation of WAN, Cloud Connectivity & IoT Managed Services
/ Apr 17, 2017 0 COMMENTS
When you’re in the midst of a seismic industry shift, we, in the tech world, get caught up in a “how we do it” mentality. What’s sometimes lost in translation is the value to customers ...
SD-WANs Are Necessary For Success With The Internet of Things
/ Apr 6, 2017 0 COMMENTS
It’s my belief that we will look back at 2017 as a tipping point for the Internet of Things (IoT). IoT has certainly been something that most business and IT leaders talk about, but to ...
From Self-Driving Cars to Self-Driving WANs
/ Apr 4, 2017 0 COMMENTS
I realize that the idea of a ‘Self-driving’ WAN could seem like science fiction. But if you think of the visions propelling companies like Google, Tesla and Amazon, you can begin to ...
Silver Peak’s SD-WAN Solution Takes Center Stage at MPLS & SDN & NFV World 2017 in Paris
/ Mar 31, 2017 0 COMMENTS
I’ve just returned from attending the 17th annual MPLS+SDN+NFV World Congress 2017 in Paris, a very energetic and engaging service provider conference. The event has evolved from its ...
Monetizing Tiered SD-WAN Services with Silver Peak
Tiered SD-WAN Services: Monetizing a New Generation of Cloud-Enabled Services
/ Mar 29, 2017 0 COMMENTS
There is a rapid shift in enterprise plans for leveraging SD-WAN technology and solutions in 2017. We are seeing significant increases in the adoption and deployment of SD-WAN solutions ...
The Time is Now for an Application-Driven WAN Edge Powered by the Latest in Silver Peak SD-WAN Innovation
/ Mar 28, 2017 0 COMMENTS
While much of the market is focused on the promise of an SD-WAN to lower connectivity costs, I believe SD-WAN, when done right, can offer significant incremental value beyond the ...
Why Managed Service Providers Cannot Ignore the SD-WAN Opportunity
/ Mar 20, 2017 0 COMMENTS
Software-defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) has created a lot of buzz in the WAN space in the last couple of years. An SD-WAN utilizes intelligent, application-aware software to route ...