Why Managed Service Providers Cannot Ignore the SD-WAN Opportunity
/ Mar 20, 2017 0 COMMENTS
Software-defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) has created a lot of buzz in the WAN ...
7 Scariest Things About Legacy WAN
The 7 Scariest Things About Legacy WANs
/ Oct 31, 2016 0 COMMENTS
Happy Halloween! It’s that time of year again when we go out in the dark and dress up with the sole purpose of scaring one another and collecting treats! For network managers though, ...
The Importance of Setting Network Baselines
/ Oct 27, 2016 0 COMMENTS
The networking industry is in the midst of a transition to the digital era. The network plays a critical role in the success of digital businesses as many of the digital building ...
Embrace Managed SD-WAN
Service Providers Need To Embrace The Rise Of Managed SD-WAN
/ Oct 18, 2016 0 COMMENTS
About a month ago I attended an analyst session with Michael Dell at VMWorld. During the event, Mr. Dell stated that he learned many years ago that when things are good for businesses, ...
Network Management
SD-WAN Can Make Network Management Impactful To The Business
/ Oct 10, 2016 0 COMMENTS
Navigating By The Dashboard Lights Every network operations center I have been in always has a big dashboard in the middle with a bunch of red and green lights. Sometimes it’s a simple ...
Don’t Just Monitor Your Applications – Control Them!
/ Oct 10, 2016 0 COMMENTS
How’s Your Productivity? Businesses spend billions of dollars annually on initiatives to make workers more productive. In fact, ZK Research found that in 2015, organizations spent ...
Reducing WAN Complexity with SD-WAN Segmentation
Reducing WAN Complexity with SD-WAN Segmentation
/ Oct 4, 2016 0 COMMENTS
There are a lot of reasons why IT is so excited about SD-WAN solutions these days. Of course, the potential cost savings of being able to leverage broadband internet connections ...
SD-WAN Makes An Excellent Segmentation Tool
/ Sep 27, 2016 0 COMMENTS
The topic of segmentation is currently red hot.  Different vendors are using various terms such as micro, hyper and nano-segmentation.  Whatever the name, the goal is the same: to ...
SD-WAN Can Make Disaster Recovery Planning Easier
/ Sep 22, 2016 0 COMMENTS
Disaster recovery is certainly an interesting topic. Prior to my analyst days, I was in corporate IT and was part of a number of disaster recovery (DR) teams. It’s my sense that most ...
What’s the Business Case for Deploying SD-WAN?
/ Sep 19, 2016 0 COMMENTS
We have been discussing Software-Defined WANs (SD-WANs) for about eighteen months. As is the case with any new approach to networking, the initial focus of that discussion was on basic ...
The WAN is Dead, Long Live the WAN
/ Aug 9, 2016 0 COMMENTS
The WAN your company has today will likely be the last you ever use. The race to move applications and services to the cloud, and the availability of high performance broadband is ...