Take Back the Control Plane

Much has been said about how Software Defined Wide Area Networks (SD-WANs) let IT better control the flow of traffic over distance, improve security, and lower costs. Over the past months, we’ve had a few conversations with IT managers that point to a perhaps less-discussed, but even greater benefit to this new technology. A few […]

Understanding Service Chaining

One of the emerging topics of conversation related to Software-Defined Networking (SDN) has been something called “service chaining”. The topic has gotten a fair bit of media focus of late, resulting in an increase in the amount of inquiry on this topic. From the questions I’ve been getting, though, its become obvious to me that […]

Is NFV Just for Service Providers?

A lot of people that I talk to regard NFV as something of interest only to service providers. I think that perception comes in large part from the service provider orientation of some of the high-visibility organizations that have formed to drive the evolution of NFV. This includes an industry specification group (ISG) that the […]

Ciena Agility and Silver Peak: Changing the Rules in Network Function Virtualization (NFV)

For the past few years, Silver Peak has been at the forefront of software-defined WAN services for the enterprise and in the cloud.  Our philosophy has been to provide our enterprise customers choice: the flexibility and simplicity of virtual appliances or the same software pre-installed on a physical appliance. Regardless of their choice and where […]

Is Software-Defined Storage A Solution In Search Of A Problem?

Software-defined storage, or SDS, seems such a great idea. After all, when we are faced by a new project most of us still think in terms of how many drives to buy for it, yet the fact is that we can never know what that project will need as it evolves, so we almost always […]

Starter Kits Offer NFV On-Ramp

As with any new technology, there is the inevitable chasm between the engineering developers (tasked with implementing innovative technology) and the marketers (tasked with getting it out into the market). Network Function Virtualization (NFV) continues that trend. What the term actually means, and how it is implemented, has resulted in frenzied activity in the vendor […]

Why ONUG Has It Right

I recently got back from spending two days at the Open Networking User Group (ONUG) conference in New York. Kudos to Credit Suisse for hosting the event and to ONUG leadership for organizing it. It was exciting to meet forward-thinking IT leaders and hear about their need for an open networking standard. Nick Lippis, co-chair […]

Do SDN and NFV Make MTTR Meaningless?

Maybe I am just in a strange mood. It happens every now and then. However, based on some recent work I have been involved with, the following questions keeps running around my head: A few years from now, will anybody really care about MTTR? One of the challenges in writing about MTTR is that the […]

The IoT, Meshes, and Battlespace Technologies

Some time back, I was carrying out some work for IBM looking at how battlespaces required a new means of pulling together the complex raft of technologies used by the military. These technologies involve many different devices exchanging data across a broad area — an Internet of Things (IoT) to all intents and purposes. Looking […]

Network Security Matters (And This Time We Really Mean It!)

A new study from Infonetics Research reports that “Security is #1 concern for enterprise access networks.” The biggest change of its annual study of WLAN deployments is improving the security of access networks, stated Infonetics’ Matthias Machowinski, Directing Analyst, Enterprise Networks and Video. Enterprise access networks are undergoing a major transformation, driven by an influx […]