Is Software-Defined Storage A Solution In Search Of A Problem?

Software-defined storage, or SDS, seems such a great idea. After all, when we are faced by a new project most of us still think in terms of how many drives to buy for it, yet the fact is that we can never know what that project will need as it evolves, so we almost always […]

Starter Kits Offer NFV On-Ramp

As with any new technology, there is the inevitable chasm between the engineering developers (tasked with implementing innovative technology) and the marketers (tasked with getting it out into the market). Network Function Virtualization (NFV) continues that trend. What the term actually means, and how it is implemented, has resulted in frenzied activity in the vendor […]

Why ONUG Has It Right

I recently got back from spending two days at the Open Networking User Group (ONUG) conference in New York. Kudos to Credit Suisse for hosting the event and to ONUG leadership for organizing it. It was exciting to meet forward-thinking IT leaders and hear about their need for an open networking standard. Nick Lippis, co-chair […]

Do SDN and NFV Make MTTR Meaningless?

Maybe I am just in a strange mood. It happens every now and then. However, based on some recent work I have been involved with, the following questions keeps running around my head: A few years from now, will anybody really care about MTTR? One of the challenges in writing about MTTR is that the […]

The IoT, Meshes, and Battlespace Technologies

Some time back, I was carrying out some work for IBM looking at how battlespaces required a new means of pulling together the complex raft of technologies used by the military. These technologies involve many different devices exchanging data across a broad area — an Internet of Things (IoT) to all intents and purposes. Looking […]

Network Security Matters (And This Time We Really Mean It!)

A new study from Infonetics Research reports that “Security is #1 concern for enterprise access networks.” The biggest change of its annual study of WLAN deployments is improving the security of access networks, stated Infonetics’ Matthias Machowinski, Directing Analyst, Enterprise Networks and Video. Enterprise access networks are undergoing a major transformation, driven by an influx […]

Shaping the Future of Branch Networking at ONUG

Silver Peak has joined the Open Networking User Group (ONUG) and is a sponsor of the ONUG Fall 2014 event in New York City, October 28-29.  ONUG is a user-driven community comprised of IT executives that are leveraging the power of their engineering and procurement to influence the pace and deployment of open networking solutions. IT leaders […]

Can The SDN Workspace Address VDI Shortcomings?

Unlike data center evolution, which has continued to virtualize and therefore leverage the efficiencies coming from consolidation and flexibility; the desktop environment, at many companies, has languished. In order to move workspace development forward, corporate decision-makers need to focus on faster deployment of new desktop images and ensure fast, reliable and secure access to corporate […]

Breaking Up? It’s More Popular Than Ever

Over the years the IT industry has grappled with best-of-breed versus best-of-vendor solutions, or the more recent — and drastic — innovate/disrupt-or-die argument. Kevin Spacey recently told an IT audience that risk takers are rewarded, and perhaps that’s why HP and Symantec have decided that breaking up into smaller, more focused businesses is the way […]

How Do We Transition from NetOps to DevOps?

Over the last year or two there has been a lot written about IT organizations adopting DevOps and generally experiencing positive results. It’s hard to make the case that the benefits of DevOps are only applicable to an organization’s applications groups. So, what’s it going to take to drive a network organization to transition from […]