Business Continuity Can Help Sell Your SD-WAN Plans

Prior to being an analyst, I spent many years as a network engineer. During this time I realized how hard it was to get the attention of CIOs and other IT leaders. Most CIOs have application development or even compute experience, but few have a good understanding of how the network operates. Sometimes I find […]

Don’t Get Attached To SD-WAN

For some time now, SD-WANs (Software Defined Wide Area Networks) have been the subject of much hype and discussion in the networking community.  Outsiders most likely get a chuckle at yet another acronym created by data networking enthusiasts: “SD-WAN”. Don’t get attached to SD-WAN — the acronym, that is — since it may go the […]

Cord-Cutting Comes to the Enterprise WAN

The advent of low cost, high-speed Internet connections to the home paired with online streaming services such as Netflix has started a trend known to many as cord-cutting. Cord-cutters — those who choose to eliminate their subscription to expensive cable TV services — have quickly realized that they can reduce costs and still maintain high […]

Silver Peak Passes ONUG’s First SD-WAN Testing Program

Silver Peak has successfully completed the Open Networking User Group’s (ONUG) first testing program, which validates software-defined WAN (SD-WAN) market solutions against key IT requirements. ONUG is an essential driver for defining the new requirements of today’s networks. Our ONUG-validated solution, and our ongoing work within the ONUG SD-WAN Working Group, is proving to be instrumental in […]

The Top Five Network Problems Solved by SDN

IT has changed significantly over the past decade. The rise of the cloud, mobile computing, and other trends like Internet of Things has shifted IT from being server centric to being network centric. This is why IT and business leaders should consider the network to be a strategic asset. Consequently, any problem that impact the […]

Hybrid WAN — It’s Time To Do The Math

With more applications hosted by SaaS providers and businesses constantly looking at ways to drive down costs, without sacrificing performance, companies are looking at ways to augment or replace their costly MPLS WAN infrastructure with the Internet. MPLS networks have long served the needs of the enterprise, however more businesses are realizing that they are […]

It’s Time For Network Engineers to Give Up Their “Sine Qua Non”

In the final 2009 season of the TV series Battlestar Galactica (the greatest show in history of TV), Admiral William Adama decides to let the fleet jump away and continue the search for Earth without him. Instead, Adama waits alone in a raptor with the hopes that the Cylon Basestar that President Laura Roslin is […]

13½ Interesting Questions about SD-WAN

Ethan Banks raised some thought provoking questions around SD-WAN on his blog. Here’s our response to those questions. 1) What’s the impact to hosts on virtual machine based endpoints, i.e. how much CPU does an SD-WAN VM eat for solutions that use VMs? Not a simple question to answer anymore, as there’s usually cryptography involved. Silver […]

Network Analytics: The New Route To GRC?

The predictions for the growth in data volumes are stark – the impact of a large increase in the number and diversity of devices being attached to networks through the internet of things (IoT) and internet of everything (IoE) will be massive. Alongside the need to open up data access to more entities along the […]

What Are The Next Steps In A WAN Redesign?

Most of the network organizations that I work with realize that they have the same basic WAN design as they did 5 to 10 years ago. They also realize that there is a lot of WAN-focused technology being brought to market. That leaves these organizations asking a critical question: How do I get from where […]