Can The SDN Workspace Address VDI Shortcomings?

Unlike data center evolution, which has continued to virtualize and therefore leverage the efficiencies coming from consolidation and flexibility; the desktop environment, at many companies, has languished. In order to move workspace development forward, corporate decision-makers need to focus on faster deployment of new desktop images and ensure fast, reliable and secure access to corporate […]

Breaking Up? It’s More Popular Than Ever

Over the years the IT industry has grappled with best-of-breed versus best-of-vendor solutions, or the more recent — and drastic — innovate/disrupt-or-die argument. Kevin Spacey recently told an IT audience that risk takers are rewarded, and perhaps that’s why HP and Symantec have decided that breaking up into smaller, more focused businesses is the way […]

How Do We Transition from NetOps to DevOps?

Over the last year or two there has been a lot written about IT organizations adopting DevOps and generally experiencing positive results. It’s hard to make the case that the benefits of DevOps are only applicable to an organization’s applications groups. So, what’s it going to take to drive a network organization to transition from […]

If You’re Doing Cloud, You’d Better Be Doing Network Virtualization

It’s interesting how the networking industry tends to get fixated on certain topics that everyone tries to get a piece of while they are hot. It’s a little like NFL offenses. Years ago, during the 49ers dynasty, everyone was trying to do some version of the west coast offense. More recently, the wildcat was something […]

Goodbye Interop New York, Bring Back the Real Interop Show

Interop New York wrapped up 2 weeks ago at the Javits Center. I’ve always found Javits to be an odd location for the Fall Interop show given the relative size of the event compared to the capacity of the venue. Even with a well-attended event, the enormity of the Javits Center sucks much of the […]

Do SDN and NFV Standards Really Matter?

Standards are generally accepted as good — I’m not sure if they’re in the same class as motherhood and apple pie, but they’re close. One example of the goodness that is associated with standards is that it is common for vendors to claim that their solutions are “more open” than that of their competitors, in […]

Welcome to the New IP Network

A short while ago, data center specialist, Brocade, held its annual financial analyst conference. During his keynote, CEO Lloyd Carney, introduced the audience to a concept called the “new IP network”. The concept behind the new IP network is that the network needs to evolve to meet the demands of cloud computing, mobility, and the […]

David Hughes Joins Interop Panel Focusing on SD-WANs

Silver Peak CEO David Hughes will be joining the Interop panel “Software Defined WANs: The New Frontier with a Rich Vein to Mine” taking place tomorrow, Thursday, Oct. 2, 2014 at the Jacob Javits Convention Center in New York. The session is being led by Peter Christy, networking research director for 451 Research. Peter is a […]

SDN and the Internet of Everything

Software Defined Networking (SDN) is having an ongoing impact on the design of network equipment and in how users architect their environment.  The abstraction of the control and management planes from the data plane offers obvious benefits, although in practice it has not been quite as clear cut as many had hoped. Now along comes […]

Cloud, SDN, and The Perils of Ignoring Reality

Unlike people with regular jobs (a questionable premise for a mainly IT audience, but just play along with me for a moment) I spend most of my working hours reading, researching and talking to analysts and the builders, sellers. and buyers of IT products and services. Not surprisingly, not everybody — STRIKE THAT — rarely […]