Where’s the SDN Business Case?

Ok, I’ll admit it: I think that Software Defined Networking (SDN) is an exciting alternative to traditional network architectures. But companies don’t implement a technology or an architecture just because it’s exciting, or because it’s all the rage with the press and the analysts. In most cases there has to be a strong business case. […]

When Will The SDN Smoke Turn Into Flames?

Over the last two years, Software Defined Networking (SDN) has been one of the most-discussed topics in all of IT.  There is an old adage that says that where there’s smoke there’s fire.  Does that adage apply here?  More to the point: Will all of the ongoing discussion of SDN lead to broad SDN deployment […]

Network Functions Virtualization Enables Cost-Effective Route Reflectors

One of the concerns I hear from network managers regarding all things software defined networks (SDNs) is the lack of use cases for the new technology.  It seems the technology promises to solve so many problems that it’s hard to understand where to start.  Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) is no different.  Lots of possibilities, but […]

The Pollock Platform: Network as Abstract Art

Jackson Pollock was the father of “action painting”, dripping paint on to canvas and even using jet engines to create his abstract art, now worth millions on the art market.  Although he used the same basic resources as any other painter (oils and canvas), he used different techniques to create something that is pretty easily […]

The Calm Before The SDN Storm?

Software-defined networking has been all the rage when it comes to the Internet of Things, Big Data, cloud, and mobility, but a couple of new reports indicate that the approaching SDN storm is calming down — unless you’re Cisco and VMware. It’s hard to find anyone who doesn’t believe that SDN will radically reshape the […]

IP Video Surveillance a “Deadly” Application for Network Virtualization

It seems in the technology industry we’re always on the lookout for the “killer application” to take something that’s new and make it mainstream.  The best example of this was, of course, Lotus 1-2-3 and its role in the Windows interface becoming the de facto standard it is today.  After that, the floodgates opened and […]

Is NFV The Answer?

In a recent blog I suggested that NFV was hotter than SDN, and pointed out how impressed I was with the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) Industry Specifications Group for Network Functions Virtualization (NFV ISG) and the nine Proof of Concepts (POCs) that they were sponsoring.  Since I wrote that blog, the number of POCs […]

More Education Is Needed to Move the SDN Needle

As an analyst, it seems like I’ve been talking about SDNs forever. It’s hard to have a conversation with anyone about anything in networking without “SDN” popping up. Every time I speak on the topic, the rooms are packed. Blogs on this topic are always well-read, and almost every network vendor has some kind of […]

How Does IT Become More Agile?

My friend Steve Mullaney of VMware is fond of saying that we are entering a time of “new IT or no IT”.  What Steve means is that if IT organizations don’t get notably more agile, that companies will increasingly bypass their internal IT organization and will acquire all or most of their applications and services […]

Attention Network Managers: It’s Time To Shift to a Software-Defined WAN

I’ve done a number of blogs recently on the topic of WAN evolution.  In them, I tried to make the case that a software-defined WAN was a good alternative to a traditional WAN.   I’m changing my stance on this now and stating that the software-defined WAN should be the only type of wide area network […]