Conquering The Three-Headed Hydra: Compute, Storage, & Networking

In Greek mythology, there was a nasty serpent-like monster with many heads that terrorized nearby villages. This monster was created by the Greek goddess Hera to destroy her enemy, Hercules. The beast was invulnerable as long as one head remained. But, as Hercules discovered, when he cut off one head, more heads grew back. In […]

It’s Too Late For SDN As We Know It

At Silver Peak we frequently have the opportunity to meet with customers to learn about the challenges they face and the initiatives they have. As part of this learning process we ask questions that help us to learn more about the applications they use, how their network is structured, and what specific problems they are […]

SDN: An Offer You Can’t Refuse?

While there is no doubt that SDN poses a major threat to Cisco’s proprietary hardware business, it’s also not up for debate that it would be bad business — at least from a revenue and margin perspective — for networking’s capo di tutti capi to aggressively accelerate the expected move to networking’s next chapter until […]

Ensuring Quality Access To Cloud Apps

The ongoing shift of focus away from point-to-point communication towards Everything-as-an-App changes corporate users’ expectations regarding their LAN and WAN performance. Not only do they expect the apps to work across a range of end-user devices, they also expect them to synchronize across these devices and be available in any location they happen to be […]

The Cisco – VMware War is Just Beginning

Last month I wrote a blog post looking at the drivers for WAN based software defined networks (SDNs).  In this blog I’ll take a look at the factors driving data center SDNs.  In the same ZK Research / Tech Target survey I referenced in the previous blog, we also asked the question “What capabilities are […]

SDN: Still A Solution In Search Of A Problem?

Networks are facing serious problems with the four Vs — volume, velocity, variety and variability — so it should come as no surprise that any glimmer of a hope, i.e. software defined networking, is generating significant interest. While most of the interest in SDN is positive — new and existing vendors and a growing number […]

Plugging the Skills Gap… If There Is One

In the early days of automobiles, the driver’s biggest friend was their tool box.  Cars, although simple, tended to break down quite often, and needed a tweak here, a thump there and a bit replaced over there for many a journey to be completed. As time went on, not only did cars become more dependable, […]

How Are Networking Jobs Changing?

Earlier this year I was both a speaker and a moderator at Network World’s Open Networking Exchange (ONX) conference in Chicago. While the thrust of the conference was the varying technological approaches to implementing SDN, I asked the speakers a very important question: How are SDN and all of the other changes in the industry […]

Network Managers Want Automation for WAN-Based SDN

To date, the majority of software-defined network (SDN) solutions have been focused on the data center. Recently, though, there has been an increase in the number of vendors that provide wide area network (WAN)-based SDN solutions. As is the case with the data center, the term is very broad and means everything from orchestration of […]

What’s the Role of the Application Delivery Controller in a Software-Defined Network?

The topic of software-defined networks (SDNs) has been one of the hottest on this site, or really any site dedicated to networking. Much of the focus of the SDN-centric reports and articles I have seen has been on the disruption of the layer 2/3 network by abstracting control functions up from the physical infrastructure to […]