How Close Are We To The Self-Driving WAN?
/ Apr 24, 2017 0 COMMENTS
In my last few blogs I’ve talked about the journey from the Software Defined WAN to ...
Silver Peak fastest growing WAN optimization company
Fastest Growing WAN Optimization Company
/ Mar 7, 2011 0 COMMENTS
For anyone following the WAN optimization market, Silver Peak’s growth is undeniable and unavoidable. We recently closed our fiscal second quarter as the fastest growing WAN ...
Expansion Continues Into Australasia
/ Feb 17, 2011 0 COMMENTS
Data center class WAN optimization is pivotal to address the rigorous WAN requirements for IT initiatives such as disaster recovery, business continuity, and VDI.  And this is no ...
Major Electronics Distributor Optimizes Global ERP Access
/ Jan 31, 2011 0 COMMENTS
More and more customers are deploying Silver Peak to optimize a variety of applications, from branch offices to the data center.  Today, we find global electronics distributor Classic ...
HP Pulls Data Center Class WAN Optimization Into HP AllianceONE
/ Jan 26, 2011 0 COMMENTS
Silver Peak is now a formal member of the HP AllianceOne Technology Program. In addition, we have been sponsored by the HP alliance team to be members of the Networking Specialty area ...