Network Analytics: The New Route To GRC?
/ Mar 23, 2015 0 COMMENTS
The predictions for the growth in data volumes are stark – the impact of a large ...
The IoT is About New Experiences, Not Just Connected Things
/ Jan 6, 2015 0 COMMENTS
2014 was a big year for the Internet of Things (IoT). Much of the focus of IoT has been on the topic of connected things. I actually wrote about connected devices in this blog on five ...
Here Comes The Petabyte Event Horizon
/ Dec 29, 2014 0 COMMENTS
A step change is on the way for data storage, and in particular for networked storage. Technologies that have served us well for a decade or more are about to run out of steam, and the ...
overstuffed storage
Do We Store Too Much Data – Or Too Little?
/ Sep 30, 2014 0 COMMENTS
The world’s data stores are growing at an alarming rate. Market researchers at IDC have estimated it at 40 percent per year, which will take us from 4.4 zettabytes in 2013 to 44 ...
VDI Wars – Attack of the Clones
/ Aug 6, 2014 0 COMMENTS
Centralization of desktops seems to be a topic de jour.  As organizations struggle to gain control of their information while users insist on pretty much open season for BYOD, bringing ...
Holistic Protection
WAN is Key Obstacle to Holistic Data Protection (Video)
/ May 14, 2014 0 COMMENTS
Silver Peak storage expert Everett Dolgner speaks about the wide area network (WAN) being the weakest link in a holistic data protection strategy. “Most replication tools do a good job ...
Silver Peak EMC VSPEX
EMC VSPEX Lab Validated Replication Acceleration
/ May 7, 2014 0 COMMENTS
Today at EMC World 2014 in Las Vegas, Silver Peak announced a joint solution with EMC – Silver Peak with RecoverPoint for VSPEX. This is an exciting milestone and a culmination of a ...
A Load
Storing Up a Load of Nonsense
/ Jan 17, 2014 0 COMMENTS
We’ve had the server wars, with crazy speeds and feeds data being spouted by vendors.  We’ve had the network wars, with stories of how just throwing more bandwidth at a problem solves ...
It’s Here: The Mid-Range Enterprise Storage Tsunami
/ Oct 21, 2013 0 COMMENTS
I went to the virtual races with Lotus Renault in Milan in early September to partake in EMC’s global mid-range storage tech announcements — and you just have to give EMC an ‘A’ ...
Silver Peak VRX Data View
Making Replication Acceleration Easy…for Anyone
/ Oct 9, 2013 0 COMMENTS
When we shipped our Velocity Replication Acceleration software, or VRX, in February of this year, it created a new category of software to help storage administrators meet their ...
Airplane Food
The Power of Language — NetApp Insight Day One
/ Oct 8, 2013 0 COMMENTS
Now that the kickoff of this year’s NetApp Insight show is behind us, I have a couple of things to share from the first day. My first observation is about the show itself. I like ...