Who’s Who in Virtual Networking: Mike Laverick

Name: Mike Laverick Who is he? Mike is the senior cloud infrastructure evangelist for VMware. Before joining VMware he was an independent for 10 years. He’s a former freelance VMware Certified Instructor with 17 years of experience in technologies, such as Novell (NCT), Windows (MCT), Citrix (VCI) and of course VMware (VCI). Very involved in […]

Virtual Appliances Going Mainstream In The Data Center

VMware, EMC’s majority-owned virtualization business, has been pushing the software-defined data center for close to two years, but while SDDC still remains more of a concept than a reality, virtual appliances are going mainstream in the data center, according to a new report from Infonetics Research. “Virtual application delivery controller (ADC) revenue is growing fast […]

How to Turn Your Admin’s Desktop PC Into a WAN Op Appliance

Offices of just a few users often need WAN optimization, but they lack the budget for specialized appliances, or even a commercial server.  When budgets are that tight we’ve been able to develop an alternative solution: run Silver Peak WAN optimization on a user’s PC. The admin, in our case, never noticed that the PC […]

How I “Peak”ed My Computer

For me, Silver Peak’s recent announcement over Accelerated IPSec validates what I’ve been saying to my customers for a while now: Silver Peak is a great solution for the remote office — the technology makes applications faster, more secure, and no additional hardware is needed for small offices. We’ve even run Silver Peak inside the […]

Who’s Who in Virtual Networking: Aidan Finn

Name: Aidan Finn Who is he? Aidan Finn is a Microsoft Valuable Professional with extensive Hyper-V expertise. Aidan has been working in IT infrastructure since 1996, and is the Technical Sales Lead for MicroWarehouse Ltd., a Microsoft value added distributor in Ireland. He is a contributing editor for the Petri IT Knowledgebase and has written […]

Who’s Who in Virtual Networking: Scott Lowe

Name: Scott Lowe Who is he? A longtime IT hand, Scott has filled just about any role you’d expect in IT — instructor, systems engineer, consultant, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and more. Today, he’s one of the most respected thinkers in the VMware community. Where can you find him? By day, Scott’s an engineering architect […]

Brazeway Saves Big by Avoiding WAN Optimization Hardware Upgrade

Hardware appliances may sound inexpensive at first, but over time require all sorts of hidden costs, such as forced upgrades due to hardware obsolescence, high sparing costs, increased complexity, and more. Just ask Brazeway, Inc. An aluminum designer and manufacturer, Brazeway had relied on Riverbed hardware primarily for accelerating file services (CIFS traffic) between its […]

Don’t Let A Data Center Outage Leave You Out In The Cold

Welcome to the winter of my discontent: outside the wind is moaning and shrieking up a storm, snow buries the landscape, temperatures keep plummeting and groundhogs are turning up frozen stiff as boards. So it seemed appropriate to consider disaster recovery and business continuity (DR/BC). Today’s data centers — yours or your service provider’s — […]

Protecting the Digital Economy’s ‘Soft Underbelly’

That most basic human activity: selling and buying, is undergoing hefty changes these days — and I’m not referring to the buzz around the quixotic Bitcoin currency and its issues of legality and flux, or the fact that most of the world’s ATM machines are still running on Microsoft XP. I’m talking about the ‘trust […]

Using Converged Network Offload to Turbocharge VM Migration

You’ve accelerated your WAN, virtualized your servers, and switched over to 10Gig Ethernet, but VM management — and in particular VM migration — is still taking too long, and when you do it, it hammers the servers. What is going wrong, and what can you do? In many cases the culprit will be network overhead. […]