Mobile Security Strategy Shift: Wrap The App

With the fast growth in mobile devices being used to access corporate applications and data, board-level GRC (governance, risk & compliance) requirements for mobile security need to be on par with the security demanded of all other devices used to access corporate applications. The GRC process often results in approval bottlenecks on the mobile side, […]

Is Software-Defined Storage A Solution In Search Of A Problem?

Software-defined storage, or SDS, seems such a great idea. After all, when we are faced by a new project most of us still think in terms of how many drives to buy for it, yet the fact is that we can never know what that project will need as it evolves, so we almost always […]

Why ONUG Has It Right

I recently got back from spending two days at the Open Networking User Group (ONUG) conference in New York. Kudos to Credit Suisse for hosting the event and to ONUG leadership for organizing it. It was exciting to meet forward-thinking IT leaders and hear about their need for an open networking standard. Nick Lippis, co-chair […]

Do SDN and NFV Make MTTR Meaningless?

Maybe I am just in a strange mood. It happens every now and then. However, based on some recent work I have been involved with, the following questions keeps running around my head: A few years from now, will anybody really care about MTTR? One of the challenges in writing about MTTR is that the […]

Extend Cloud Computing To Your Remote Access Network

Recently, I’ve been looking into installing solar panels on my house to lower my energy bills, but the upfront costs are still quite expensive. But can you imagine if every house had its own power plant? Each home would have to buy, manage and support the equipment and systems, and hire personnel to run it. […]

Who’s Who in Virtual Networking: Duncan Epping

Who is he? If VMware bloggers could elect a god, Duncan Epping would probably be it. His blog, Yellow Bricks, has been recognized as the #1 virtualization blog by since 2009. His 17,600 Twitter followers is only bested by Scott Lowe among virtualization bloggers. Duncan was a founding member of the VMware EVO:RAIL team […]

David Hughes Joins Interop Panel Focusing on SD-WANs

Silver Peak CEO David Hughes will be joining the Interop panel “Software Defined WANs: The New Frontier with a Rich Vein to Mine” taking place tomorrow, Thursday, Oct. 2, 2014 at the Jacob Javits Convention Center in New York. The session is being led by Peter Christy, networking research director for 451 Research. Peter is a […]

Conquering The Three-Headed Hydra: Compute, Storage, & Networking

In Greek mythology, there was a nasty serpent-like monster with many heads that terrorized nearby villages. This monster was created by the Greek goddess Hera to destroy her enemy, Hercules. The beast was invulnerable as long as one head remained. But, as Hercules discovered, when he cut off one head, more heads grew back. In […]

What’s the Role of the Application Delivery Controller in a Software-Defined Network?

The topic of software-defined networks (SDNs) has been one of the hottest on this site, or really any site dedicated to networking. Much of the focus of the SDN-centric reports and articles I have seen has been on the disruption of the layer 2/3 network by abstracting control functions up from the physical infrastructure to […]

Shake It Up: Converged Infrastructure Requires IT Rethink

A couple of months ago I attended VCE’s first annual analyst conference. For those that don’t know VCE, it’s a joint venture — primarily between Cisco and EMC, with a bit of funding tossed in from VMWare to round out the offering. VCE acts as both a technical integrator and a professional services firm for […]