cable in knots
Poor Internet Service Provision Will Tie Your Life In Knots
/ Jul 29, 2014 0 COMMENTS

People are migrating in their millions from landlines to voice over IP (VoIP) systems. Video over the internet is a major way of keeping in touch with dispersed family members around the globe. More television services are being offered over the internet, including the fastest growing aspect, catch-up. Music services, such as Spotify and internet…

Infrastructure is the New Black
/ Jul 2, 2014 0 COMMENTS

Much new infrastructure, but not for the telcos The race for ubiquitous bandwidth and access to the communication-starved millions in developing countries is on. Gone are the days when monopoly telcos sat down in long-lasting committee meetings and planned routes, defined standards, negotiated capacity and costs. Now it’s every man for himself from the mightiest…

Traffic Jam
40G Is Catching On In The Datacenter But…
/ Jun 2, 2014 0 COMMENTS

The latest findings from Infonetics Research should come as no surprise: 40 Gigabit is booming in the data center and 100G is taking off in the core. “Deployments of 1G, 10G, 40G, and 100G ports once again grew significantly in 2013, as enterprises and service providers invested in their networks to accommodate the growth in…

Macro CRT
The Future Is Crisper And Clearer
/ Nov 18, 2013 0 COMMENTS

I’ve attended a few events lately with vendors in the PC, laptop, tablet, and display markets.  In their attempts to drive a desire in users to upgrade or change their devices, these vendors are finding it a struggle to push the speeds and feeds as they always have done of old.  Whereas there are still…

Delivery Trike
Why The Future Needs Local CDN
/ Oct 1, 2013 0 COMMENTS

Content delivery (or distribution) networks (CDN) are generally perceived as being of concern only for wide area networks (WANs).  The idea is that relatively static content can distributed to be held as close to a user as possible so as to reduce the stress on a single server that would result from videos, music, and…

You Can Never Have Too Much Data
Big Data Has Huge Network Implications
/ Feb 14, 2013 0 COMMENTS

Not everyone has been swept up by the Big Data hoopla which only showed up a year ago in Gartner’s five-stage hype cycle. While it has rosy expectations for the future, the research firm had Big Data approaching its “peak of inflated expectations,” to be followed by trough of disillusionment, slope of enlightenment, and eventually…

There’s a storm coming – a data storm
/ Nov 29, 2012 0 COMMENTS

Is your WAN ready for 100 Gigabit Ethernet? Even if it won’t actually have to carry 100Gbit/s — which is probably just as well, given the potential cost of doing that — there is a good chance that it will be interconnecting 100Gig networks within the next few years. There are a lot of reasons…

Should We KISS Workload Management Goodbye?
/ Nov 21, 2012 0 COMMENTS

I am always surprised at how IT goes around continually revisiting problems from the past.  For example, in the 1990s, the constant refrain seemed to be around homogeneity — the search for the universal system that could run any workload that was thrown at it.  Organizations eventually figured that there was a need for specialist…

square peg in a round hole
Trying to Fit a Square Peg into a Round Hole?
/ Nov 6, 2012 0 COMMENTS

“You can’t fit a square peg into a round hole” is a simple statement that applies to many things in our lives. It certainly applies to the way many network administrators attempt to use data center and networking technologies to support their business goals and objectives. For example, if you have 100 applications that are…

crowd silver peak
The Downside of Success
/ Sep 14, 2012 0 COMMENTS

Many of us have experienced the crowd madness of after-Thanksgiving sales. The stores are quite successful in their marketing lures and amazing deals, but less capable in managing the sheer volume of stampeding consumers. Similarly, many websites have drawn large numbers of users because of an event or promotion but have neglected to prepare the…