Let’s Talk Politics. Better Yet, Let’s Not

I realize we are at the tail-end of the political season, though politics seems to be a never-ending news topic. Personally, I don’t like politics, whether it’s government or state politics, politics in business, or especially when politics worms its way into personal relationships. After watching this election year’s political debates — the third and […]

When “East-West” is More than Pacific to Atlantic

When discussing cloud computing, the term “East-West latency” often comes up as users on one coast of the US have found themselves using data centres on the opposite coast – and find that the user experience was not quite as they would wish. The direct distance between San Diego, California on the western seaboard to […]

When Old is New Again

When you think of a virtualized world, what thoughts come to your mind? I’ve been wracking my brain trying to come up with a clever idea tying-in virtual WAN optimizers with other virtual concepts. But, no great metaphor or analogy came to mind. But, then I thought about how the invention of the telephone revolutionized […]

WANop Bounces Back and Blasts Off

The year started off with a resounding thud for the WAN optimization market, with a 20% falloff in sales in the first quarter. While that big a drop was a surprise to Sam Barnett, directing analyst for data center and cloud at Infonetics Research, he said his company had been predicting that WANop, especially for […]

The Changing IT Organization

The pace of technological change is typically quite rapid.  However, in most cases. a change in technology doesn’t cause a change in either the goals or the roles of the IT organization. For example, the ongoing adoption of continually higher speed Ethernet hasn’t changed how IT organizations design data center LANs nor has it changed […]

Controlling Next-Gen WAN Costs

According to a new study from Information Week, “The Next-Gen WAN,” the biggest WAN game changer is the cloud, both public and private. Public cloud users will have to shift from the conventional WAN hub-and-spoke design to a distributed model, where services are delivered over Internet connections at each location, to reduce the load over […]

John Carter: “Mars Attacks Total Recall!”

Hollywood has had its crack at the Red Planet with Civil War veterans, flying saucers and The Governator, now it’s NASA’s turn to tackle Mars and a communications challenge that dwarfs the just-completed “Twitter Olympics.” This takes Big Data to a whole new level. Launched last November 26, the Mars Science Laboratory space probe mission […]

Conserving Resources the WANop Way

When we think of conservation, certain topics come to mind – the environment, social issues, protecting animals and plants and their habitats. We think about how we can protect and sustain them to ensure they always have a future. However, politicians, activists and societal leaders don’t seem to have any insight or concern about conserving […]

How Revolutionary is IT?

The word “revolution” has two interesting yet somewhat contradictory definitions. One the one hand, it means “a sudden, complete or marked change in something.” On the other hand, it means “a procedure or course that goes back to a starting point.” The first definition implies something groundbreaking and new. The American revolution, which is being […]

Root Canal or Cloud Migration?

According to a new Cisco study, almost 40% of IT decision makers would rather get a root canal, dig a ditch, or do their own taxes than address network challenges associated with public or private cloud deployments without the proper cloud migration strategy. However, as any number of other studies indicate, i.e., Forrester or Visiongain, cloud computing […]