Plugging the Skills Gap… If There Is One

In the early days of automobiles, the driver’s biggest friend was their tool box.  Cars, although simple, tended to break down quite often, and needed a tweak here, a thump there and a bit replaced over there for many a journey to be completed. As time went on, not only did cars become more dependable, […]

Speeding vCloud Air Performance By 25x

When Nevro Corp. needed to accelerate data to and from VMware’s vCloud, they looked to Silver Peak to provide a secure, scalable solution to maximize performance and speed critical business operations. As a medical device company, Nevro Corp. required a secure platform that was able to meet the industry’s stringent regulatory requirements. After choosing and […]

Navigating the Digital Danger Zone

Can you keep your secrets? Well, it’s certainly getting harder to keep any secret that you have committed to an electronic system: in your company, on your social networks, in your cloud-connected apps – in fact, all the aspects of your digital life are at risk. A recent report claimed that a Russian cybercrime group […]

What’s Driving the Need for Unity?

The deployment of WAN Optimization Controllers (WOCs) began in the mid-2000s and was driven by two key use cases.  The first was was enabling an IT organization to take resources out of branch offices and place them in centralized data centers.  The other use case was enabling an IT organization to effectively implement Disaster Recovery […]

Better Visibility Is Needed When the “Check Cloud” Light Goes On

Remember the old days? When one could look under the hood of a car when the Check Engine light went on? That feels like eons ago, given that cars today basically have a “start button” to fire up the car and get the computer going. The Check Engine light today means a mandatory visit to […]

Internet Weather Report: Cloudy with a Strong Chance of Latency

As enterprises extend to the cloud, more attention must be paid to the underlying network. Latency and loss rates across the Internet are as erratic as the weather. To illustrate the unpredictability, Silver Peak engaged with two leading Internet authorities to track latency and loss statistics for two weeks across hundreds of routes. The results are illustrated […]

It’s Still A Work In Progress, But Cloud To Drive Networking Budgets

The future is looking bright for the cloud — and branch office infrastructures — according to a new network survey from Infonetics Research. That shouldn’t be a surprise, but what is somewhat surprising is that interest in the cloud is accelerating, and not just from the vendors who want to cash in — or at […]

Data Dilemma: Location, Location, Location (& Location)

While still important today, by 2020 the physical location of data will be largely irrelevant, according to a new report from Gartner. That may not be as big a concern as it might appear because another recent study finds that not knowing the location of sensitive or private data is the foremost concern of today’s […]

Shake It Up: Converged Infrastructure Requires IT Rethink

A couple of months ago I attended VCE’s first annual analyst conference. For those that don’t know VCE, it’s a joint venture — primarily between Cisco and EMC, with a bit of funding tossed in from VMWare to round out the offering. VCE acts as both a technical integrator and a professional services firm for […]

Lies, Damned Lies, And IT Budgets

Author Mark Twain is said to have lamented the three types of lies: lies, damned lies and statistics. Twain, who knew a thing or two about people, also said “The secret of getting ahead is getting started.“, and given the latest numbers on IT budgets, too many businesses are not paying attention to this formula […]