Shake It Up: Converged Infrastructure Requires IT Rethink

A couple of months ago I attended VCE’s first annual analyst conference. For those that don’t know VCE, it’s a joint venture — primarily between Cisco and EMC, with a bit of funding tossed in from VMWare to round out the offering. VCE acts as both a technical integrator and a professional services firm for […]

Lies, Damned Lies, And IT Budgets

Author Mark Twain is said to have lamented the three types of lies: lies, damned lies and statistics. Twain, who knew a thing or two about people, also said “The secret of getting ahead is getting started.“, and given the latest numbers on IT budgets, too many businesses are not paying attention to this formula […]

Silver Peak for AWS: Streamlined Cloud, Streamlined Billing

Starting today, customers can purchase Silver Peak Cloud Acceleration for Amazon Web Services (AWS) as an annual subscription directly from the AWS Marketplace. According to a recent ESG IT spending report, 42% of organizations that have operated 10 or fewer years are using Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) from providers like Amazon Web Services. As […]

Internet of Things Shifts Computing From the Cloud to the Fog

Mark Twain is rumored to have once said, “The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco”. And if you’ve ever been to San Francisco any time of the year, you’ll know that one of the distinguishing characteristics of the city is how cool, damp, and foggy it can be.  I’ve been […]

Cloudzilla vs. Chuck Norris & The Big G/Bet Bigger

Celebrating its 60th birthday (and 31st remake), Godzilla is once more back on the big screen, but if monsters fighting urban blight isn’t your thing then you might want to check out the most recent developments in cloud computing, including: a Chuck Norris-grade cloud rollout, Rackspace considering pulling the plug, and IBM’s bragging rights. Then […]

How Does IT Become More Agile?

My friend Steve Mullaney of VMware is fond of saying that we are entering a time of “new IT or no IT”.  What Steve means is that if IT organizations don’t get notably more agile, that companies will increasingly bypass their internal IT organization and will acquire all or most of their applications and services […]

IT Will Never Be The Same (And Why That’s Good)

Whatever you call it — Shadow IT, Cockroach Technology, or Bring Your Own App — it is transforming IT, and organizations ignore it at their peril. Given the negative connotations associated with the first two terms, let’s stick with BYOA. Like BYOD, BYOA is already a major factor in most organizations, and while it brings […]

SMB Remote Users Empowered By The Cloud

If every house had its own power plant, each would have to buy, manage, and support the equipment and systems. Can you imagine the cost and complexity? Instead, we receive power from utility companies that deliver it to our homes as a service — we only pay for what we use. Similarly, cloud computing stores […]

Race To The Cloud Heats Up

It’s no longer a question of if the cloud or even when. Increasingly, it’s about how fast do I move to the cloud, and which parts of the business do I move. According to a new survey from RightScale, 94% of respondents said they had cloud adoption of some kind going on. People are quickly […]

Can the Global Intercloud Mesh With The Global Internet?

As netizens and consumers of the World we are all daily users of the Internet and of shared computing resources. Equal access and general availability of the Internet is emerging as a human right, with a raging global debate about net neutrality. However, no similar debate has yet emerged on the equal access to standardized, […]