Can the Global Intercloud Mesh With The Global Internet?

As netizens and consumers of the World we are all daily users of the Internet and of shared computing resources. Equal access and general availability of the Internet is emerging as a human right, with a raging global debate about net neutrality. However, no similar debate has yet emerged on the equal access to standardized, […]

Equinix and Silver Peak Shrink the Cloud Gap

The amount of enterprise user traffic going to and from cloud applications is expected to grow by 25% annually over the next three years.[1]  That’s an exciting change and a clear indicator that more businesses are turning to the cloud for cost savings and to achieve greater business agility.  But are enterprises ready for this […]

Five More BYOD Acronyms To Confuse You

If you have to manage mobile devices in your workplace, then you will already know about BYOD, and probably MDM (Mobile Device Management) too (if not, read here). Now here are five more acronyms to confuse the unwary and worry the nervous. BYOC I have covered Bring Your Own Cloud before, but in essence, those […]

Content Delivery In The Virtual World: If The VICAP Fits, Wear It

We’re set for one heck of a ride on the Internet over the next half-decade. For the period 2013-17, Cisco’s Visual Networking Index predicts the compound annual growth rate of machine-to-machine (M2M) modules as a component of overall Internet traffic will be 82%, along with 79% for smartphones, 104% for tablets, and 24% for TVs. […]

Cloud On-Ramp? Looks More Like Demolition Derby

We’re being told that the cloud will dominate the future. However, in contrast to the gold or land rushes of the past, when everybody was simply looking for a piece of the action, cloud looks more like a demolition derby, with IT vendors and cloud service providers appearing to expend as much effort trying to […]

Cloud Acceleration – The Next Best Thing to Time Travel

Over the holidays, I was reading a novel about time travel on my iPhone. Then I came across an actual academic study about time travel and the Internet.  Two physicists from Michigan studied Internet searches, tweets, hashtags and the like. They looked for “prescient” mentions of current events at a date before they occurred. You […]

IT Must Evolve From “No” To “Know!” And Shadow IT Is A Good Way To Start

The fact that Shadow IT is also known as cockroach technology probably best sums up how many IT professionals feel about the unsanctioned use of IT products and services. Their position is understandable: a recent survey reported that half of IT managers believe Shadow IT drastically eats bandwidth and slows networks. Given that this technology […]

Don’t Ban Or ‘Tolerate’ Shadow IT — Actively Embrace It

No doubt there were earlier examples, but for me, Shadow IT – the unsanctioned use of IT products and services (AKA cockroach technology) –  began with the introduction of the IBM PC and business software like spreadsheets, databases, and word processing. Then Apple’s Macintosh started creeping in, mainly among the creative/right-brain-types, and IT began its […]

Climbing On The Cloud? Don’t Forget Backup

For any CIO who has not done it yet, cloud on-ramping will still be a major worry-point. And it is not just whether or not to migrate your applications to the cloud — although in some ways that is the more important question — but how to migrate them. At the risk of stating the […]

Traffic Jam At The Cloud On-Ramp

All the best IT odds-setters — i.e. Gartner, IDC and 451 — are betting big on the cloud, and the major IT vendors and their largest public and private-sector customers are covering those bets. However, while there are a growing number of success stories, all does not appear well in cloudtopia. It looks like there’s […]