If You’re Doing Cloud, You’d Better Be Doing Network Virtualization

It’s interesting how the networking industry tends to get fixated on certain topics that everyone tries to get a piece of while they are hot. It’s a little like NFL offenses. Years ago, during the 49ers dynasty, everyone was trying to do some version of the west coast offense. More recently, the wildcat was something […]

Network Challenges After iPhone Meltdown

There were a number of interesting aspects to Apple’s recent iPhone announcements, not least of which were the record-setting sales, but a couple stood out as red flags for the near future of the enterprise network. There were the usual oohs and aahs that seem to greet every Apple product launch, even for a pair […]

Welcome to the New IP Network

A short while ago, data center specialist, Brocade, held its annual financial analyst conference. During his keynote, CEO Lloyd Carney, introduced the audience to a concept called the “new IP network”. The concept behind the new IP network is that the network needs to evolve to meet the demands of cloud computing, mobility, and the […]

Cloud, SDN, and The Perils of Ignoring Reality

Unlike people with regular jobs (a questionable premise for a mainly IT audience, but just play along with me for a moment) I spend most of my working hours reading, researching and talking to analysts and the builders, sellers. and buyers of IT products and services. Not surprisingly, not everybody — STRIKE THAT — rarely […]

It’s Too Late For SDN As We Know It

At Silver Peak we frequently have the opportunity to meet with customers to learn about the challenges they face and the initiatives they have. As part of this learning process we ask questions that help us to learn more about the applications they use, how their network is structured, and what specific problems they are […]

Cloud Computing Set to Slowly Scale Slope

Unlike more recent inductees into Gartner’s Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies such as the ‘Internet of Things’ — which is is still mired atop Gartner’s Peak of Inflated Expectations —  cloud computing has almost bottomed out in the Trough of Disillusionment. In fact, cloud currently appears set to scale Gartner’s Slope of Enlightenment. But while there […]

5 IoT Solutions We Can Use – And One We Can Live Without

The industry is all a-buzz over the concept of Internet of Things (IoT).  Cisco did a study last year that sized the opportunity at $14.4 trillion over the next decade, meaning there’s plenty of opportunity for start ups and traditional companies to use IoT as a significant growth engine.  Over the past few months, though, […]

Ensuring Quality Access To Cloud Apps

The ongoing shift of focus away from point-to-point communication towards Everything-as-an-App changes corporate users’ expectations regarding their LAN and WAN performance. Not only do they expect the apps to work across a range of end-user devices, they also expect them to synchronize across these devices and be available in any location they happen to be […]

Plugging the Skills Gap… If There Is One

In the early days of automobiles, the driver’s biggest friend was their tool box.  Cars, although simple, tended to break down quite often, and needed a tweak here, a thump there and a bit replaced over there for many a journey to be completed. As time went on, not only did cars become more dependable, […]

Speeding vCloud Air Performance By 25x

When Nevro Corp. needed to accelerate data to and from VMware’s vCloud, they looked to Silver Peak to provide a secure, scalable solution to maximize performance and speed critical business operations. As a medical device company, Nevro Corp. required a secure platform that was able to meet the industry’s stringent regulatory requirements. After choosing and […]