5 steps to mitigating “OBEM” syndrome
/ Apr 15, 2013 0 COMMENTS

Organizations tend to worry about security based on thoughts of Ninja Blackhats doing the technical equivalent of rappelling through the roof of Fort Knox and running off with several billion dollars’ worth of gold bullion.  In technical terms, the Ninja Blackhat manages to bypass security and makes good their escape with the organization’s intellectual property…

The FedEx Van
Big Data — a Job For a Logistics Company?
/ Mar 11, 2013 2 COMMENTS

There was a thread going round on Facebook a while back discussing the “fact” that FedEx had more bandwidth for dealing with big data than the internet itself had.  OK — it sounds strange, but if all of FedEx’s vehicles were stuffed to the max with disks full of data, it could move more data…

On The Road
Mobile BI Takes Data Analysis on the Road
/ Mar 7, 2013 0 COMMENTS

Are you ready for a new “connected business reality”, with mobile networked usage becoming the norm for heavyweight information-analysis applications, such as business intelligence and its cousin Big Data? Mobile BI builds upon the timely convergence of better WAN and mobile connectivity, BYOD and more powerful mobile devices, and new data analysis tools. Its aim…

2010 USA Outdoor Track & Field Championships, Women's 200m semi-finals.
The Great 2013 Race – Ready, Get Net, Go
/ Jan 17, 2013 0 COMMENTS

So here we are — 2013 already. No matter what New Year’s resolutions you have made, can I advise a few more to take on so that your organization is ready to better face what promises to be a tough year ahead? Firstly, review your current approach to data center networking. Over time, it is…

Silver Peak Virtual Marketplace Downloads
Speeding Data Movement between all Sites
/ Jul 24, 2012 0 COMMENTS

The virtual revolution continues at Silver Peak with the introduction of three new virtual WAN optimization product models. Silver Peak extends its software portfolio for smaller sites with the VX-500, while also extending the offerings for data centers, regional offices and disaster recovery (DR) sites with the VX-6000 and VX-7000.  The new virtual product models broaden…

US Patent and Trademark Office
Silver Peak Awarded New Patents for Acceleration of Data Mobility
/ Jun 27, 2012 0 COMMENTS

Enterprises must constantly move data from data centers to offsite locations for critical IT initiatives such as disaster recovery and for providing distributed users with fast access to data.  However, long distances and low-quality shared or public networks limit the performance of data transfers. Innovations in WAN optimization and data mobility software are addressing this…

Inside Accelerating Storage Replication Video
Inside Accelerating Storage Replication (Video)
/ Jun 22, 2012 0 COMMENTS

Our video blog series continues, and for all of you interested in storage and data replication, this is a video interview you won’t want to miss. In this new episode, I speak with Silver Peak director of replication product management, Everett Dolgner. Everett and I discuss the topic of storage replication and accelerating data replication…

Steel fabricator moves data fast
Largest Steel Fabricator Moves Data Fast (Video)
/ Jun 15, 2012 0 COMMENTS

When it comes to moving data and accessing applications fast, Schuff International, Inc. (OTC: SHFK) gets it done with Silver Peak.  Schuff is the largest steel fabrication company in the United States.  Watch this video to learn how Schuff Steel overcame its data mobility and wide area network (WAN) challenges by deploying Silver Peak’s software-based…

Silver Peak accelerates Dell EqualLogic replication
Moving Data Faster with Dell EqualLogic
/ Jun 13, 2012 0 COMMENTS

Disaster recovery (DR) strategies are put in place to address the need to safeguard data against natural disasters, human error and malice. Enterprises manage these risks by replicating primary data to secondary sites. But if moving primary data to the secondary DR site takes so long that it becomes difficult to ensure a current copy…

Marc Trimuschat talks about Silver Peak and EMC for data mobility
Marc Trimuschat on EMC and Data Mobility (Video)
/ Jun 8, 2012 0 COMMENTS

From EMC World Las Vegas, Silver Peak vice president of alliances Marc Trimuschat is interviewed about Silver Peak’s software-based approach to data mobility, WAN optimization, and the strategic relationship with EMC. Hear Marc talk about the synergies of Silver Peak’s VXOA software and EMC Symmetrix VMAX, Recoverpoint, SRDF and VPLEX Geo.