Cloud Traffic Climbing To New Heights

According to that seer of seers, that prognosticator of prognosticators — AKA the third annual Cisco Global Cloud Index (2012 – 2017) — global cloud traffic, the fastest growing component of data center traffic, is expected to grow 450% by 2017. That’s a 35% combined annual growth rate (CAGR), while global data center traffic will […]

Learning the Lesson of Distance — Hurricane Sandy A Year Later

I try to write for the Silver Peak blog on a regular basis, usually aiming for a weekly post…sometimes even making my deadline. Most of the time I write last minute after spending a couple of days thinking about what I want to say. Last week when I was asked to write about Hurricane Sandy […]

How to Accelerate Dell EqualLogic Offsite Replication (Video)

This is a live demonstration of accelerating offsite replication with Dell EqualLogic and Silver Peak replication acceleration software. In joint lab testing, Silver Peak demonstrated performance gains of up to 15x for replication throughput, while real-world deployments have realized up to 20x with up to 90% WAN bandwidth reduction. By replicating data faster over existing networks, […]

Silver Peak Makes Storage Replication Easy

Prior to being an analyst I held many roles in corporate IT, including being responsible for protecting the company’s information, so I understand the absolute mission-critical nature of backup/restore and disaster recovery.  However, I also understand that this is one of the hardest things to get right within corporate IT.  I’ve often joked that every […]

72% of IT Pros Want More Offsite Data Replication

An explosion of data being stored by businesses and the need to protect that data in the wake of recent natural disasters has 72% of organizations wanting to do more off-site data replication. This is according to a commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Silver Peak. So what’s keeping today’s IT organizations […]

Offsite Data Replication Becoming Mainstream (Video)

Beyond the day-to-day mobility of data between data centers, branch offices and the cloud, it is also crucial that data be protected and kept secure. This means you need to replicate your data to another site or the cloud. If you look at recent natural disasters, including Hurricane Sandy or the Japan Tsunami and resulting […]

Mirror, Mirror, On the Wall

First, let me get rid of a bee in my bonnet.  At a recent round table, while many argued that business continuity was just one aspect of disaster recovery, I argued that business continuity and disaster recovery were two completely different things.  To me, disaster recovery starts from the premise that a catastrophic failure will […]

Credit Unions Replicate Virtual Environments Fast (Video)

Credit unions today require high levels of data delivery and mobility over external networks. Virtualization is also leveraged by credit unions to reduce IT costs and complexities, and data is frequently replicated to secondary sites for disaster recovery (DR). Watch this video to see how Symitar, a leading IT service provider for credit unions, has […]

Inside Accelerating Storage Replication (Video)

Our video blog series continues, and for all of you interested in storage and data replication, this is a video interview you won’t want to miss. In this new episode, I speak with Silver Peak director of replication product management, Everett Dolgner. Everett and I discuss the topic of storage replication and accelerating data replication […]

Moving Data Faster with Dell EqualLogic

Disaster recovery (DR) strategies are put in place to address the need to safeguard data against natural disasters, human error and malice. Enterprises manage these risks by replicating primary data to secondary sites. But if moving primary data to the secondary DR site takes so long that it becomes difficult to ensure a current copy […]