Learning the Lesson of Distance — Hurricane Sandy A Year Later

I try to write for the Silver Peak blog on a regular basis, usually aiming for a weekly post…sometimes even making my deadline. Most of the time I write last minute after spending a couple of days thinking about what I want to say. Last week when I was asked to write about Hurricane Sandy […]

Faster Financial Networks Need Big Data Analysis For Compliance

“It only takes four seconds to invest thousands of million of pounds”, said Jérôme Kerviel, the now-imprisoned rogue trader. While it makes me wonder whether I’m in the right business, or on the right network, his and other similar stories do emphasize the very thin red line between huge success and ruinous behavior in the […]

An Insurmountable Problem for SDN?

Software defined networking (SDN) is — in theory — a great idea.  By abstracting the control and management functions of a network from the physical boxes, the intelligence that is generally carried out through expensive operating systems and firmware held on proprietary silicon in the form of ASICs and FPGAs in individual network hardware items […]

7 Minutes Versus $1.68 Trillion: Why Network Latency Is A Bad Thing

Earlier this week I was being pre-briefed on an interesting open-source productivity suite when our VoIP-based connection crashed, and it took over 7 minutes before we were able to reconnect. That’s not a long time for a journalist or a couple of vendor executives, but for many others, 7 minutes is an eternity. What’s worse, […]

Using The Mobile WAN for apps? Look Out For Latency!

The mobile phone operators promise us blinding speeds, especially with their newest 4G and LTE networks, but will this actually be any use to business — or will deploying your modern apps via smartphone without WAN acceleration make your users feel like they have stepped back into the Dark Age? For the mobile networks, the […]

Storage Elasticity and the Cloud’s Noisy Neighbors

If you’re looking at setting up private cloud services — or public ones, for that matter — you should already to have a handle on how to automate the critical functions of creating, managing and migrating virtual servers. That’s because if you haven’t achieved this level of service elasticity, it is going to cost a […]

Big Data — a Job For a Logistics Company?

There was a thread going round on Facebook a while back discussing the “fact” that FedEx had more bandwidth for dealing with big data than the internet itself had.  OK — it sounds strange, but if all of FedEx’s vehicles were stuffed to the max with disks full of data, it could move more data […]

What Do Water and Bandwidth Have In Common?

The great rivers of the world are forces of nature that have provided crucial sources for transport, commerce, and communications for centuries.  An unrestrained river can carve and alter the topography with its power, while an obstructed one can adversely impact the human and animal populations within its path. When a free-flowing river turns into […]

Giving Thanks for the Future of SDDC

When I come back from an industry conference, I always like to see what members of the press have had to say about it. It’s interesting to compare the writer’s take to my own and see if we agree or differ on some of the prime messaging that occurred at the show. One synopsis of […]

SNW Europe: When SSD turned disruptive

It’s hard to miss that this is the year of SSD, or solid-state disk. There is a certain irony therefore – or possibly, given its location, schadenfreude – in an event being ‘themed’ to keep up with the latest trends, only to find out that the new theme is already out of date. So it […]