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13½ Interesting Questions about SD-WAN
/ Apr 2, 2015 1 COMMENTS

Ethan Banks raised some thought provoking questions around SD-WAN on his blog. Here’s our response to those questions. 1) What’s the impact to hosts on virtual machine based endpoints, i.e. how much CPU does an SD-WAN VM eat for solutions that use VMs? Not a simple question to answer anymore, as there’s usually cryptography involved. Silver…

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The Global Continuity Network
/ Feb 6, 2015 0 COMMENTS

Business continuity is the new Holy Grail. Where once people used to look to ‘rapid’ backup and restore capabilities to recover from a disaster, this is no longer good enough in many cases. Backup windows are commonly insufficiently long to carry out the required actions of moving large data sets from one place to another,…

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Speeding up Network Provisioning
/ Jan 16, 2015 0 COMMENTS

You probably know the problem already. The business is opening up a new office; has acquired a new company or wants to move a group of people from Place A to Place B. They have finally got around to letting IT know that it will happen – and they want you to wave your magic…

Take Back the Control Plane
/ Dec 18, 2014 0 COMMENTS

Much has been said about how Software Defined Wide Area Networks (SD-WANs) let IT better control the flow of traffic over distance, improve security, and lower costs. Over the past months, we’ve had a few conversations with IT managers that point to a perhaps less-discussed, but even greater benefit to this new technology. A few…

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The Holiday Internet Weather Map
/ Dec 8, 2014 0 COMMENTS

Holiday shopping may be behind us, but Internet weather is still very much here. The fluctuations in latency and packet loss that can disrupt the cloud, and for that matter Internet shopping, continue to be a vital consideration in any network architecture. To find the extent of its impact, Silver Peak documented Internet weather patterns…

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Cyber Monday: Rough Weather Interferes with the Cloud
/ Dec 2, 2014 0 COMMENTS

E-tailers weren’t the only ones grumbling on Cyber Monday. Enterprise users felt the effects of the online sales crush as North American Internet delays to leading SaaS providers increased by as much as 363 percent. This was the latest finding of an extensive research project conducted by Silver Peak and two leading Internet researchers into…

Black Friday 2014
Black Friday Internet Weather: Stormy with Plenty of Delays
/ Dec 1, 2014 0 COMMENTS

While consumers were busy shopping on Black Friday, we were busy documenting their impact on the cloud. Teaming up with Internetweathermap.com we were able to capture end-to-end latency for hundreds of thousands of routes during the day from the across the Internet. We supplemented that research with packet loss statistics for major US backbones from…

Black Friday and Cyber Monday
Black Friday and Cyber Monday: The Best Test Lab for Internet Weather
/ Nov 26, 2014 0 COMMENTS

Researchers have long been interested in retailers’ ability to cope with online demands of Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Less interest, though, has been paid to the impact the surge of e-commerce traffic has on the cloud and the enterprise as whole. For IT managers interested in shifting some or all of their traffic from…

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The Holiday Internet Weather Forecast
/ Nov 26, 2014 0 COMMENTS

Thursday is Thanksgiving in America, but the subsequent Friday and Monday, Black Friday and Cyber Monday, are increasingly becoming global holidays, the shopping kind. Last year Cyber Monday saw online sales jump 15% over the previous year. Organic traffic spikes of 200% during Black Friday are not unusual, and reports of 800% increases have even…

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Highlights from our #HolidayInternetWeather Twitter Chat With @IntWeather
/ Nov 20, 2014 0 COMMENTS

Yesterday Silver Peak hosted a great live chat on Twitter focusing on the theme of #HolidayInternetWeather. We had plenty of questions around Internet congestion and latency for our special guest, Dave Strickler (@IntWeather), of InternetWeatherMap.com, and he had lots to say on the subject.  We hope you were able to follow along live, but if…