If Content Is King, The Network Is The Queen

The game of chess requires a keen awareness of the positions for all the pieces, both yours and your opponent’s. Chess requires patient planning and vision; each piece has a different value, and some are more strategic than others. Of most importance is maintaining the safety of the king, by controlling squares on the board. […]

WAN Optimization: More Byte For The Buck!

Network budgets, at least the data-center segment (10% compound annual growth through 2017), are outpacing overall IT budget growth (3.9% for 2013), but with network demands growing in double and triple digits, just throwing more money at the problem won’t do. Your network not only has to be bigger and faster, it has to be […]

Data Acceleration “Worst” Practices

I am constantly getting emails with “Best Practice” advice — for everything from traveling to IT. Well, it got me thinking: why doesn’t anyone provide “Worst Practice” advice? Can’t we all learn from other people’s mistakes? So here goes, this is my top 5 list of misconceptions and things to avoid in the data acceleration […]

WAAS Happening?

According to Cisco’s Mark Lohmeyer, rumors of WAAS’ demise have been greatly exaggerated. “Cisco is fully committed to the WAAS business.” Given the growing WAN optimization prospects for the foreseeable future, that commitment shouldn’t come as a surprise. Questions about the networking giant’s commitment to WAAS (Wide Area Application Services) – its software/hardware WAN optimization […]

Going the Distance Down Under

Even as the world becomes “a smaller place” thanks to technology, organizations still can experience difficulties when their offices are spread out around the country, particularly when it comes to things like data replication for disaster recovery. This was the issue for Greg Rowe and Associates (GRA), a Perth, Australia-based planning practice offering services crucial […]

End of the Ubiquitous Six to Nine Month IT Project

I used to work in Digital Equipment Corporation’s (DEC’s) corporate IT organization at a time when DEC had roughly 125,000 employees worldwide. In hindsight, most of the time I was at DEC was spent going to meetings. For example, for one stretch of about two years, I was one of several participants in a weekly […]

Revitalizing an aging WAN

Nu Skin Enterprises is a leader in skin care and nutrition. A global direct selling company, it operates in more than 50 markets worldwide, with over 2000 employees. More than 825,000 independent distributors place orders on the Nu Skin website or by contacting regional call centers throughout the world. The company has data centers in […]

Big Data in Motion

One of the most talked-about new buzzwords in the past year is “big data.” A recent Forbes article points out that big data is not just quantity, but also includes multiple types of data. Having a lot of data sitting around doesn’t really accomplish anything; the real key to big data is being able to […]

Silver Peak Ascends UK & Central European Market with Wick Hill Strategic Partnership

Today’s businesses face a number of challenges when it comes to accessing data. Their dependence upon large files, such as voice and video, reliance upon real-time access to data and the increasing centralization of that data are met with limited bandwidth and high traffic volume, which often lead to network congestion that results in packet […]

Silver Peak CTO and Founder, Dr. David Hughes, in the Big Apple

You’ve read about David Hughes’ technology visions — now you can see him present in person! Join us in Manhattan for lunch and an interactive discussion about how WAN optimization has changed over the last year — and how you can derive even more from the technology. Learn how today’s demanding applications can benefit (reducing […]