It’s Time To Dump The Private WAN

Throughout the years, changes in computing have redefined the enterprise network.  During the mainframe era, there really wasn’t much of a network, other than small networks that resided inside the company headquarters.  A few locations had remote terminals but most of them were connected via dial-up modems.  Once the client/server computing era came about, organizations […]

Performance Is The First Victim In Application Warfare

“The more, the merrier!” goes the old cry. Well, not when a multitude of applications jostle for priority across a ‘best effort’ Internet. Oldies among us still remember the days of crystal-clear analog telephone conversations across connections that were completely reserved for our conversing pleasure (of course, telecom costs were outrageous, and there wasn’t any […]

Don’t Sell SLAs To Me — I Want Outcome Guarantees

Do I want to replace the lock in my front door with a radio-controlled device linked to a telco-hosted app on my mobile? Will company fleet managers want a cloud service to automate and remotely manage driving and maintenance functions of company cars — or why not top up with one of Google’s self-driving vehicles? […]

Three Pitfalls to Cloud On-Ramping

You’ve decided that you’re going to move to an external cloud platform.  You’ve provisioned the platform with the applications you need, and you’re ready to go.  Except for the few quazillion bytes of existing data that are sitting in your existing data center and need to be moved over to the new platform. A while […]

SDN — An Apology

OK.  I admit it.  When I first started looking into SDN, I fell for it.  Hook, line, sinker… in fact. the fishing rod and the fisherman as well.  The simplicity of it all was so dazzling that I suspended my normal cynicism and went for it.  SDN was going to change the world — Cisco, […]

Our Chief Weapon Is…

Monty Python, that most British of eccentric comedies, had a sketch in it around nobody expecting the Spanish Inquisition.  A scarlet-befrocked cardinal bursts in through the door and declares “Our chief weapon is surprise.  Fear and surprise.  Our two main weapons are fear and surprise — and ruthless efficiency.  Err — amongst our chief weapons […]

The Internet of Things vs. The Network

I remember the days of hooking my computer up to a 1200/75 baud modem, listening to the squeaks and burrs of it handshaking with the other end of the connection and then having to do whatever I wanted to do online as quickly as possible to avoid massive telephone costs. When broadband came along with […]

Retro Networking — An Argument For Analog

Data — a collection of 1s and 0s — is pretty well understood these days, with the idea being to be able to send as many of these 1s and 0s down a given transport mechanism (copper, fiber or wireless) as possible. But, just maybe, we’re looking at this in the wrong way — maybe […]

Is Poor Application Performance Your Hidden Productivity Drain?

Whether we are here as readers, writers, or both, there is something that all of us on the WANspeak blog have in common — we either have, or have had, problems with application performance. If you are already using WAN optimization then I hope the problem for you is less than it was, but it […]

Network Forecast: Need For WAN Optimization Growing

Well it’s that time of year again — Memorial Day just passed, and summer has officially kicked off.  The NHL playoffs are rolling along, my pool is opened up, and I’m prepping to have my kids get out of school and then bug me for snacks all day long as I try and work in […]