Extending Virtual ‘WAN Op Anywhere’ to HP Switches

Continuing our mission to deliver WAN optimization anywhere, Silver Peak today announced  the availability of our VX virtual WAN optimization appliances on HP 5400zl and 8200zl switches. We made the announcement in conjunction with the opening of the VMworld Europe 2011 conference being held in Copenhagen this week. The Silver Peak integration leverages Silver Peak’s […]

EMC Forum Rolls Into Frankfurt

Silver Peak continued its participation in the EMC Forums this week as the tour moved overseas for the month of September with its first stop in Frankfurt, Germany. The Forum’s first overseas stop brought with it an unexpected, although pleasant surprise – a spike in the number of registrants for the forum. The Frankfurt show […]

Silver Peak Continues Tour with EMC

Still basking in its joint announcement at EMC World in May around Silver Peak’s WAN Optimization (WANop) solution supporting EMC’s VPLEX Geo storage federation technology, Silver Peak will continue its tour with EMC when the EMC Forum events continue in Long Beach today. The EMC Forum events give IT personnel a chance to meet representatives […]

Silver Peak Joins EMC On the Road

Want to know more about how you can accelerate private clouds with WAN optimization? Silver Peak is joining EMC on the road for their EMC Forum events, starting in Chicago on July 19 and ending in Dallas on November 15. Come hear Silver Peak and EMC executives talk about how Silver Peak’s award-winning WANop solution […]

Bypassing the Bandwidth Cap

Limitations are onerous things. They slow us down and keep us from being all we can be. Even as more businesses turn to cloud computing to expand their potential, they run smack dab into the limitations of their Internet service provider’s bandwidth cap and suddenly find themselves waiting…and waiting…and waiting to retrieve data that they […]

Get off of My Cloud: Optimizing the Private Cloud

There’s a split going on in cloud computing. Once considered a very public yet often nebulous and insecure environment known more for pay-as-you-go applications and services (i.e., SaaS), we have witnessed over the last couple of years a breakup of cloud computing into public and private cloud sectors. What originally accounted for the cloud’s burgeoning […]

Storm Front Coming: Looking to the Cloud for Recovery

My home state of Massachusetts is not usually thought of as “tornado alley” as we average three, typically non-destructive twisters per year. Nevertheless, last week we were hit with four separate twisters in a single day. Those four tornadoes are a tiny fraction of the more than 1,400 reported in the U.S. this year. Their […]

Get Security up Here…In the Cloud

Why is it that whenever someone mentions the terms “security” and “cloud computing” in the same sentence, shivers go up spines, hairs stand on end and anyone listening starts shaking like Shaggy and Scooby Doo upon seeing a “g-g-g-g-ghost?” Calm down, people! The cloud has come a long way from that ethereal unknown it once […]

EMC storage president Brian Gallagher on VPLEX Geo and Silver Peak

EMC president of enterprise storage Brian Gallagher talks about the integration of EMC VPLEX Geo with Silver Peak data center class WAN optimization for accelerating private clouds and the benefits of Silver Peak WAN optimization.

Silver Peak and EMC Accelerate Private Clouds with WANop

Today at EMC World in Las Vegas, Silver Peak made a major announcement with EMC in conjunction with the launch of EMC’s VPLEX Geo solution. The news is that Silver Peak’s award-winning WAN Optimization (WANop) solution now supports EMC’s VPLEX Geo storage federation technology, extending performance and cost savings for private clouds across geographically distributed […]