Federal Judge Upholds Infringement Verdict Against Riverbed
Federal Judge Upholds Infringement Verdict Against Riverbed
/ Sep 12, 2014 2 COMMENTS

Silver Peak today announced that a federal judge has upheld a jury’s verdict in favor of Silver Peak Systems, Inc. against Riverbed Technology, Inc. (RVBD) A jury in Delaware federal court found in April that Riverbed directly and contributorily infringes Silver Peak’s U.S. Patent No. 7,945,736 (“the ’736 patent”), that Riverbed induced infringement of Silver…

Who Really Won Network World’s WAN Optimization Test?
/ Nov 20, 2013 0 COMMENTS

It’s one thing to read a headline, but quite another to read between the lines. Such was the case with Network World’s recent WAN optimization test titled “Riverbed wins 7-vendor WAN optimization test.” In the sporting world, “winning” might be everything, but in a technology product review, winning can often be a technicality because of…

Tru Blu uses Silver Peak
Tru Blu Beverages Drinks to Faster Replication, HTTP and Optimized VoIP (Video)
/ Nov 14, 2013 0 COMMENTS

Tru Blu Beverages, whose Australian-manufactured soft drinks include Waterfords, Pub Squash, LA Ice Cola and Wicked Energy Drink, has achieved sparkling results with Silver Peak data acceleration software. Watch this video to see how today the company is supporting its business on a lighter and lower cost infrastructure than what competing WAN optimization vendors could…

Riverbed Steelhead top 10 image
Why ex-Riverbed customers prefer Silver Peak (Infographic)
/ Oct 23, 2013 0 COMMENTS

During the past year, more IT professionals have switched from Riverbed Steelhead to Silver Peak than ever before. Why? There are a variety of reasons listed in our customer database, but users commonly cite everything from greater virtual flexibility, cost savings and advanced technical features that can solve all application performance challenges that exist over…

Rusted Equipment
Riverbed and Rusted Code
/ Jul 1, 2013 0 COMMENTS

My Maytag washing machine is on the fritz — again. Nearly twenty years after buying the old guy (or is it a gal?), the time’s come for an upgrade. With its motors, hoses, pumps, and more, my washing machine has plenty of parts to break, and many are no longer even available from Maytag.  I…

Beware! WAN Optimization Lemons Ahead
/ Mar 6, 2013 2 COMMENTS

If you thought “lemons” were the stuff of used-car lots — think again. Apparently, even WAN optimization vendors will try to make a buck by selling old, end-of-life equipment to unsuspecting customers. Take Riverbed, for example. At one recent customer engagement, the IT team wanted a branch office acceleration solution that would last for about…

Riverbed patent claims rejected
Riverbed Patents Called into Question
/ Jan 8, 2013 0 COMMENTS

The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) recently reexamined two Riverbed patents (7,428,573 & 7,849,134) and rejected all of the claims in each patent that Riverbed has accused Silver Peak of infringing. Silver Peak had requested the USPTO reexamine these patents that Riverbed alleges are infringed by Silver Peak. In its Office Action, the…

Down with Hardware: Calculating Cost Savings of Software Infrastructure
/ Nov 15, 2012 0 COMMENTS

One of the most amazing things I find with virtual software are the cost savings available to IT. For years, networking pros took it for granted that they had to pay a premium for proprietary hardware or otherwise risk sacrificing performance. But improvements in server designs now enable organizations to dramatically reduce infrastructure costs, by…

Ding Dong the Physical Chassis is Dead
Ding Dong, The Physical Chassis is Dead
/ Oct 18, 2012 0 COMMENTS

We at Silver Peak spend a good deal of time and effort touting the benefits of virtual WAN optimization. It is often more cost-effective than a physical solution. It can be downloaded and deployed in minutes from our marketplace. It reduces space and environmental costs in the branch office and data center. And you can…

Award-winning design firm tackles global collaboration
Global Design Firm Speeds AutoCAD & Revit Over Long Distances (Video)
/ Sep 18, 2012 0 COMMENTS

Design professionals and project managers at award-winning architecture and interior design firm dwp | design worldwide partnership collaborate and exchange large-size design blueprints and documents daily between offices in Asia Pacific and the Middle East. With key productivity applications, such as file, email, web, AutoCAD, and Revit, becoming more bandwidth-, processing- and storage-intensive, dwp has…