Reducing WAN Complexity with SD-WAN Segmentation
Reducing WAN Complexity with SD-WAN Segmentation
/ Oct 4, 2016 0 COMMENTS

There are a lot of reasons why IT is so excited about SD-WAN solutions these days. Of course, the potential cost savings of being able to leverage broadband internet connections securely and with high reliability are particularly compelling. But the true value of an SD-WAN encompasses many more benefits including agility, security and application Quality…

What’s the Business Case for Deploying SD-WAN?
/ Sep 19, 2016 0 COMMENTS

We have been discussing Software-Defined WANs (SD-WANs) for about eighteen months. As is the case with any new approach to networking, the initial focus of that discussion was on basic topics such as what is meant by the phrase SD-WAN.  As we get closer to the time when a lot of companies will start to…

Man with laptop looking at the sky with clouds
Every Business Should Do A Cloud Consumption Audit
/ Feb 3, 2016 0 COMMENTS

The topic of WAN transformation has been a hot topic over the past couple of years. In fact, earlier this year, Mark Haranas, the fine reporter with CRN, recently authored an article declaring that 2016 would be a breakout year for SD-WAN. One of the biggest drivers of change in the WAN is, of course,…

Resolutions For Today’s Network Managers
/ Jan 12, 2016 0 COMMENTS

Happy New Year to WANSpeak readers! By now, I’m sure many of us have made a start on our annual resolutions. I’m sure Donald Trump has made a resolution to antagonize even more of the country, Michael Dell has likely resolved to make the Dell/EMC merger smooth, and I’m sure Tom Brady has resolved to…

More Thoughts on 2016’s Crystal Ball Networking Predictions
/ Dec 29, 2015 0 COMMENTS

The year 2015 is almost in the books. That means it’s time to say, “I can’t believe the year is almost over,” and time for many of us in the industry to make some bold predictions as to what we think the future holds. I had intended to write a post with some standalone thoughts…

Look To The Future With These 2016 Crystal Ball Networking Predictions
/ Dec 15, 2015 1 COMMENTS

As we reflect on 2015 and look ahead to 2016, there are themes within the networking industry that will continue to gain momentum, while new trends will emerge. Last year, we predicted that software-defined WAN (SD-WAN) would move quickly from initial concept to production deployments. That has definitely happened with companies like Interroll, Group Dekko,…

Road to 2016
Is 2016 the year of the SD-WAN?
/ Nov 9, 2015 0 COMMENTS

A year ago we seldom if ever heard the phrase software-defined WAN (SD-WAN). Now we are continually inundated by articles that discuss SD-WANs and their value proposition. While it is always interesting to hear what industry analysts and press think about a new technology or architecture, I think it is more interesting to hear the…

To Maximize The Value Of SD-WAN, Look Past Hardware Savings
/ Oct 6, 2015 0 COMMENTS

I moderated a workshop on the topic of software defined WANs (SD-WAN) last month and I’m continually baffled that the focus of software-defined networking remains on the hardware for so many individuals. This is clearly a hangover from the early days of SDN when many of the start ups were hammering home the point that…

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What’s Up with the ONF?
/ Sep 29, 2015 0 COMMENTS

The Open Networking Foundation (ONF) is the organization that is most closely associated with the development and standardization of SDN. As of September 2015, the ONF had over 140 members. Given its size and its tight association with SDN, in order to understand where we are with the evolution of SDN we have to be…

Network Map
Best Practices for Network Change Management
/ Sep 9, 2015 0 COMMENTS

Evolving the network to a next-generation architecture is all the rage now. A digital business needs an agile, dynamic network to use as a foundation for innovation, so the network must now evolve. This is one of the reasons my fellow analysts and I are pushing the concepts of SDN, broadband WAN, and Network Functions…