What Can Obi-Wan Kenobi Teach You About Networks?

As a long-time SciFi fanatic, I was really impatient to see Star Wars when it first came out in 1977. So, while on leave from the army for my sister’s wedding, I almost literally jumped off the plane and rushed to see the movie. However, 5 or 6 weeks later when friends dragged me to […]

David Hughes on Stepping Up as CEO (Video)

Watch this video of new Silver Peak CEO David Hughes talking about Silver Peak’s position in the market and the opportunity he sees for accelerated growth in the future. David has stepped up to the role of CEO. He is looking to build on the company’s rapid growth and market leadership in virtual WAN optimization software, […]

What Exactly Is SDN?

Though the question has been frequently discussed and debated by press and analysts, my take is that “What Is Software-Defined Networking?” isn’t the right question to ask until you answer the question of what problems IT organizations are trying to solve for which an SDN solution is viable. The whole brouhaha about the definition of […]

Is SDN Ready For Prime-Time?

The question that I hear repeatedly is “Is Software-Defined Networking ready for production networks?” My answer stems from the experiences and interactions I had over the last several weeks with a wide range of IT professionals who represent the mainstream of the enterprise IT market. Part of that interaction occurred a few weeks ago when […]

An Insurmountable Problem for SDN?

Software defined networking (SDN) is — in theory — a great idea.  By abstracting the control and management functions of a network from the physical boxes, the intelligence that is generally carried out through expensive operating systems and firmware held on proprietary silicon in the form of ASICs and FPGAs in individual network hardware items […]

With NFV Standard, Carriers Jump On The Virtualization Bandwagon

There’s a new acronym in the communications continuum, and if NFV (network functions virtualization) hasn’t shown up on your radar yet, i.e. you’re not a Tier-One communications service provider, you might want to spare a few moments to consider just what it is and what it will mean in the future. First seeing the light […]

SDN Is More Than Just A VLAN For The 21st Century

There has been a lot of talk about Software-Defined Networking (SDN) and how it will change the way we view (or do) networking. There has been quite a bit, too, about how it will automate network provisioning and make networks both adaptive and application-oriented. What could perhaps use more explanation is how SDN fits in […]

Is SDN the next OSI?

In a recent letter to the editor of Network World, the letter’s author suggested that Software-Defined Networking protocols would likely go the way of ATM (Asynchronous Transfer Mode) and OSI (Open Systems Interconnection). To drive home his meaning, the author posed the question “Where are those protocols now?” In part because I have spent a […]

The Medium-Hanging Fruit for SDN

As hot as software-defined networking is today from a media perspective, there are still relatively few production deployments of it from companies not named Google and Baidu. The biggest challenge for mainstream enterprises is trying to understand what, exactly, one would do with an SDN. SDNs promise to deliver a more flexible, agile, programmable, virtual, […]

The Changing Role of the IT Professional

Over the last few months, I have moderated three software-defined networking (SDN) seminars that were produced by Network World. In each seminar a number of speakers spoke at length about the potential for SDN to automate the vast majority of configuration changes that are now done in a largely manual fashion, and in every session […]