Can The SDN Workspace Address VDI Shortcomings?

Unlike data center evolution, which has continued to virtualize and therefore leverage the efficiencies coming from consolidation and flexibility; the desktop environment, at many companies, has languished. In order to move workspace development forward, corporate decision-makers need to focus on faster deployment of new desktop images and ensure fast, reliable and secure access to corporate […]

VDI Wars – Attack of the Clones

Centralization of desktops seems to be a topic de jour.  As organizations struggle to gain control of their information while users insist on pretty much open season for BYOD, bringing desktops into a more secure and controllable data center seems like a good way to manage corporate intellectual property while also providing a consistent experience […]

Navigating VDI Network Hurdles

The majority of today’s data center initiatives have one thing in common: data is becoming more centralized, while users are increasingly more distributed. This places an increased emphasis on the network, making every data center vulnerable to bandwidth, latency, and service quality challenges that impact all applications.  However, don’t fret, because there are methods to […]

Mobile Computing is a Double-Edged Sword

Mobile computing has become an essential part of our daily lives for both personal and business use. A vast number of employees are already using their own mobile devices at work, and mobile computing is quickly becoming a key strategy for virtually every organization. It’s easy to see why Facebook is capitalizing on its success […]

Move Over VDI, Here Comes HTML5 (Video)

Does HTML5 mean the end of virtual desktop infrastructures (VDI) as we know it today? In part five of this video series on 2013 IT trends, Silver Peak founder and CTO David Hughes discusses how more applications will be based on HTML5 and how HTML5 gets the application onto all different kinds of endpoints without […]

WAN Small Step for VDI

For the last several years I’ve received numerous reports about the imminent and massive adoption of desktop virtualization (VDI) in the enterprise space, and while the reality hasn’t come close to the hype, often because of network issues, it appears that the SMB market is now poised to jump on this still-stuck-in-first-gear bandwagon. According to […]

Top Law Firm Optimizes Citrix VDI and Replication (Video)

Law firms commonly rely on the wide area network (WAN) to share files, communicate with clients, and back-up data. Unfortunately, these networks often lack the flexibility to react to fast-paced changes in daily demands. Top real estate law firm Cox, Castle & Nicholson LLP (“Cox, Castle”) experienced this first-hand with application performance challenges using the […]

In San Diego? Join us for Lunch and WANop Discussion!

Happy New Year to all IT and networking professionals in San Diego! Start your year off by joining Silver Peak, FusionStorm and EMC at our informative lunch next week, where you will not only enjoy a fabulous meal but also an exciting update on the latest in WAN optimization and storage efficiencies. Learn how WANop […]

Silver Peak Ascends UK & Central European Market with Wick Hill Strategic Partnership

Today’s businesses face a number of challenges when it comes to accessing data. Their dependence upon large files, such as voice and video, reliance upon real-time access to data and the increasing centralization of that data are met with limited bandwidth and high traffic volume, which often lead to network congestion that results in packet […]

Good Marketing or Product U-Turn?

Riverbed’s announcement of a new “Packet Mode Optimization” feature in RiOS 7 is puzzling. In many ways, it seems like more of a marketing ploy than a serious technology focus. Speaking of technology, I can’t help but be amused at Riverbed’s brand new tunnel-based architecture. Aside from the fact that a new architecture that hasn’t […]