Virtual Appliances Going Mainstream In The Data Center

VMware, EMC’s majority-owned virtualization business, has been pushing the software-defined data center for close to two years, but while SDDC still remains more of a concept than a reality, virtual appliances are going mainstream in the data center, according to a new report from Infonetics Research. “Virtual application delivery controller (ADC) revenue is growing fast […]

Protecting the Digital Economy’s ‘Soft Underbelly’

That most basic human activity: selling and buying, is undergoing hefty changes these days — and I’m not referring to the buzz around the quixotic Bitcoin currency and its issues of legality and flux, or the fact that most of the world’s ATM machines are still running on Microsoft XP. I’m talking about the ‘trust […]

Using Converged Network Offload to Turbocharge VM Migration

You’ve accelerated your WAN, virtualized your servers, and switched over to 10Gig Ethernet, but VM management — and in particular VM migration — is still taking too long, and when you do it, it hammers the servers. What is going wrong, and what can you do? In many cases the culprit will be network overhead. […]

Content Delivery In The Virtual World: If The VICAP Fits, Wear It

We’re set for one heck of a ride on the Internet over the next half-decade. For the period 2013-17, Cisco’s Visual Networking Index predicts the compound annual growth rate of machine-to-machine (M2M) modules as a component of overall Internet traffic will be 82%, along with 79% for smartphones, 104% for tablets, and 24% for TVs. […]

Storing Up a Load of Nonsense

We’ve had the server wars, with crazy speeds and feeds data being spouted by vendors.  We’ve had the network wars, with stories of how just throwing more bandwidth at a problem solves everything. And now, we seem to be in the middle of the storage wars, where numbers and “facts” are being thrown around by […]

Who’s Who in Virtual Networking: Gabrie van Zanten

Name: Gabrie van Zanten Who is he? Gabrie is a virtualization architect working for Open Line, a Dutch integrator. Where can you find him? He’s the master agent of Gabe’s Virtual World, but he also carries a license-to-write at Facebook, Google+, and Twitter.  Sources have him on several deep cover operations. Including as a contributing […]

Cruising Down The Info Highway In A Shiny New SeDaN

Much like the old IBM joke about how good things will be when they get here, almost everybody is talking about how good networking will be when software-defined networking is finally here. However, while most everybody is talking about SDN, and the timing is subject to debate (i.e. sooner/Dell and later/Cisco), the  reason why everybody […]

Who’s Who in Virtual Networking: Ivan Pepelnjak

There are plenty of talkers in the social world, but Who’s Who in Virtual Networking — the experts who the experts track to find out what really going on in IT? We’ve scoured the social world to identify the hidden and not-so-hidden opinion shapers and engagers in the world of virtual network services. Each week […]

Tru Blu Beverages Drinks to Faster Replication, HTTP and Optimized VoIP (Video)

Tru Blu Beverages, whose Australian-manufactured soft drinks include Waterfords, Pub Squash, LA Ice Cola and Wicked Energy Drink, has achieved sparkling results with Silver Peak data acceleration software. Watch this video to see how today the company is supporting its business on a lighter and lower cost infrastructure than what competing WAN optimization vendors could […]

It’s Here: The Mid-Range Enterprise Storage Tsunami

I went to the virtual races with Lotus Renault in Milan in early September to partake in EMC’s global mid-range storage tech announcements — and you just have to give EMC an ‘A’ for effort: making storage racks look sexy really requires determination and deep marketing pockets. The event was located in a hangar size […]