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The Top 5 Leaps of Faith When Building a Hybrid WAN
/ Dec 5, 2014 0 COMMENTS

The hybrid WAN is an idea that’s been around for decades now. Prior to being an analyst, I worked in corporate IT and I was building Internet VPN links to connect home office workers, small branch offices, or back up connections. Back in the “old days”, a hybrid WAN was definitely the exception and far…

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P-OTS Is Not POTS Anymore, And It’s Anything But Plain
/ Jul 17, 2014 0 COMMENTS

We have come a long way from the POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service) infrastructure of yesteryear. Indeed, today’s Metro P-OTS (Packet-Optical Transport Services) deliver many thousand times more capacity using less energy, and at a fraction of what customers were paying back in the days of analog voice services. Ciena, a specialist packet-optical network vendor…

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What Do Software-Defined Networks mean to the WAN?
/ Oct 17, 2012 0 COMMENTS

In early October, at the Interop conference in NYC, I gave a one-hour presentation on the impact of cloud computing on the network. That presentation highlighted the stark differences between the LAN and the WAN.  For example, the LAN, particularly the data center LAN, is undergoing dramatic change. As part of that change, IT organizations…

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When “East-West” is More than Pacific to Atlantic
/ Oct 12, 2012 0 COMMENTS

When discussing cloud computing, the term “East-West latency” often comes up as users on one coast of the US have found themselves using data centres on the opposite coast – and find that the user experience was not quite as they would wish. The direct distance between San Diego, California on the western seaboard to…

return of the mainframe
The Return of the Mainframe
/ Oct 2, 2012 0 COMMENTS

Starting in the late 1950s and lasting for several decades, the most common form of computing was based on mainframe computers. The first major blow to the dominance of mainframes came from the broad deployment of distributed computing based on the deployment of mini computers and the second blow came from the even broader development…

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Controlling Next-Gen WAN Costs
/ Sep 6, 2012 0 COMMENTS

According to a new study from Information Week, “The Next-Gen WAN,” the biggest WAN game changer is the cloud, both public and private. Public cloud users will have to shift from the conventional WAN hub-and-spoke design to a distributed model, where services are delivered over Internet connections at each location, to reduce the load over…

Let Me Tell You About a Man Named Jed
/ Jul 16, 2012 0 COMMENTS

Remember “The Beverly Hillbillies”? A show about a poor mountaineer who barely kept his family fed until, one day, the family patriarch (Jed Clampett) had a very fortunate hunting accident and struck oil (“Black Gold. “Texas Tea”). They moved off their land and resettled in California, with the city-folk in Beverly Hills. The entire TV…

Concurrent Connections: The Secret to Buying Scalable IT Gear
The Secret to Buying Scalable IT Gear
/ Jun 26, 2012 0 COMMENTS

IT folk love numbers, so it’s somewhat understandable that many buyers may be swept away by the gigabits of WAN capacity a device can saturate and forget about another equally important measurement – connection counts. The number of concurrent connections has grown and continues to grow due to the shift towards Web applications, coupled with…

Hadoop: Big data needs big optimization
Big Data Needs Big Optimization
/ Jun 19, 2012 0 COMMENTS

In a post that I made on my Network World blog, I spoke about the challenges of running Hadoop over the WAN. What I didn’t get a chance to cover is why Silver Peak optimization is such a great complement to big data, like Hadoop. Hadoop requires a predictable, low-latency network, which is why most…

Triple WAN performance without WAN optimization
Triple Your WAN Performance
/ Jun 12, 2012 0 COMMENTS

We’ve heard about a lot of benefits driving SDNs, but this week we found about a new one of particular importance to anyone building multi-site networks: Google is using an SDN to improve its WAN investment by more than three times. Network engineers play a bit of a cat-and-mouse game to get the most of…