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Get Security up Here…In the Cloud
/ May 26, 2011 0 COMMENTS

Why is it that whenever someone mentions the terms “security” and “cloud computing” in the same sentence, shivers go up spines, hairs stand on end and anyone listening starts shaking like Shaggy and Scooby Doo upon seeing a “g-g-g-g-ghost?” Calm down, people! The cloud has come a long way from that ethereal unknown it once…

Analyst Firm Recognizes Silver Peak for Complete Application Support
/ Mar 14, 2011 0 COMMENTS

Analyst support for Silver Peak’s data center class WAN optimization products continues to poor in. This time, Silver Peak has been awarded for having “strong value” and has been named “Best WOC Solution for Storage” by EMA (Enterprise Management Associates). In a recent report titled “EMA Radar for WAN Optimization Controllers: Q1 2011,” the analyst…