Internet Weather Report: Cloudy with a Strong Chance of Latency

As enterprises extend to the cloud, more attention must be paid to the underlying network. Latency and loss rates across the Internet are as erratic as the weather. To illustrate the unpredictability, Silver Peak engaged with two leading Internet authorities to track latency and loss statistics for two weeks across hundreds of routes. The results are illustrated […]

An Intelligent WAN Fabric

Silver Peak today takes a major step forward in transforming the WAN with the unveiling of Unity – an intelligent WAN fabric that unifies the enterprise WAN, the Internet and the cloud. (read the press release) As you’ll hear from CEO David Hughes in the video above, Unity is an entirely new approach to wide area […]

Network Managers Want Automation for WAN-Based SDN

To date, the majority of software-defined network (SDN) solutions have been focused on the data center. Recently, though, there has been an increase in the number of vendors that provide wide area network (WAN)-based SDN solutions. As is the case with the data center, the term is very broad and means everything from orchestration of […]

A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats

Whether a tugboat or luxury yacht, the axiom holds true: “a rising tide lifts all boats.”  Any improvement in an industry will benefit all members within that group — large or small. With this in mind, it’s easy to see how an advancement in applications and services delivered over shared networks might spur the networking […]

Faster Data Recovery with Dell SC-Series Storage and Silver Peak (Video)

A financial institution with nearly 50 locations throughout California, Citizens Business Bank achieved faster data recovery by combining Silver Peak data acceleration software with Dell SC-Series Storage. Today, at the Dell User Forum in Miami, Dell introduced the new Dell Storage SC4000 Series arrays. These bring high-end storage capabilities to mid-sized deployments, offering all-flash performance for up […]

World Cup Creates a Messi Environment for Network Managers

There’s no question that recreational traffic plays havoc with business networks. Between the PGA Masters, NBA March Madness, MTV Music awards, YouTube, and other events, network managers are always struggling to block recreational traffic. This week, of course, viewers across the globe are using the corporate network to find out how Argentina and Lionel Messi […]

Attention Network Managers: It’s Time To Shift to a Software-Defined WAN

I’ve done a number of blogs recently on the topic of WAN evolution.  In them, I tried to make the case that a software-defined WAN was a good alternative to a traditional WAN.   I’m changing my stance on this now and stating that the software-defined WAN should be the only type of wide area network […]

If It’s Only A Question Of Size, Let’s Throw More At It

When talking about networks, the discussions quite often come down to discussions around bandwidth.  Everyone knows that more is better — well, at least that is the standard thought process anyway. Mainstream wired LAN connections are currently running at the 1Gbps and 10Gbps level, with 40Gbps uplinks being used as well, and virtualization allowing the […]

Kevin Spacey: “The risk takers are rewarded.”

IBM was pushing its CAMS (cloud, analytics, mobile and social) agenda at last month’s Impact 2014 conference, along with its composable business (a collaboration model between IT, line of business and development teams) concept. However, other than hearing multiple customers explain how they were transforming their businesses, I found the biggest benefit of the conference […]

Charles Darwin Would Have Embraced The Software-Defined WAN

It was Darwin who claimed that it’s not the strongest that survive, but the species that are the most adaptable to change. The world of networking is no different. The network, particularly the WAN, hasn’t changed much over the past couple of decades, as there really wasn’t a requirement to change, but there has been […]