WAN Performance Front and Center at Dell User Forum

Dell bills its Dell User Forum as the premier technical learning event for Dell customers and channel partners. The conference, being held next week in Miami from June 24-26, offers an intensive, interactive learning experience across the data center — from servers, storage, and networking to software, services, and converged solutions. Attendees are able to learn directly […]

A Smarter, Hybrid WAN

There’s growing interest in our industry in connecting branch offices to two or more networks, such as the Internet and MPLS. Sometimes this is done for reasons of improving cloud performance, other times for availability or cost. Regardless, maximizing the investment of a hybrid WAN remains a challenge for many IT organizations. Secondary connections often […]

Tru Blu Beverages Drinks to Faster Replication, HTTP and Optimized VoIP (Video)

Tru Blu Beverages, whose Australian-manufactured soft drinks include Waterfords, Pub Squash, LA Ice Cola and Wicked Energy Drink, has achieved sparkling results with Silver Peak data acceleration software. Watch this video to see how today the company is supporting its business on a lighter and lower cost infrastructure than what competing WAN optimization vendors could […]

72% of IT Pros Want More Offsite Data Replication

An explosion of data being stored by businesses and the need to protect that data in the wake of recent natural disasters has 72% of organizations wanting to do more off-site data replication. This is according to a commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Silver Peak. So what’s keeping today’s IT organizations […]

Wide Area Network Bottlenecks Persist (Video)

Whether it’s increasing data volumes, expanding data replication requirements, or the overall growth of traffic on the Internet, there is no denying that the wide area network (WAN) bottleneck is more of a problem today than ever before. In fact, the increase in traffic and data traversing enterprise networks is outpacing the level of innovation […]

Hyper-V goes Multi-Gigabit over the WAN (Video)

The performance of hypervisors has reached a new level of intense competition. This video demonstrates the industry’s first and only multi-gigabit-per-second (Gbps) WAN acceleration solution for Windows Server Hyper-V environments. Silver Peak’s virtual offering for Windows Server Hyper-V now extends from small remote offices to large data centers, giving Microsoft Corp.’s hypervisor customers a highly […]

The Need to Plan for WAN Evolution

In a previous entry here on the WAN Speak blog I discussed some of the differences between the LAN and the WAN.  I also pointed out that there are not any fundamentally new WAN technologies under development, and that as a result, IT organizations need to plan for WAN evolution based on the assumption that, […]

Three Ways File Caching Can Slow Your Network

You know the old adage: If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. The same could  be said about  local file caching. On the surface of things, file caching sounds like a fantastic tool for overcoming problems in the wide area network (WAN). By storing remote files in a local cache it […]

Global Design Firm Speeds AutoCAD & Revit Over Long Distances (Video)

Design professionals and project managers at award-winning architecture and interior design firm dwp | design worldwide partnership collaborate and exchange large-size design blueprints and documents daily between offices in Asia Pacific and the Middle East. With key productivity applications, such as file, email, web, AutoCAD, and Revit, becoming more bandwidth-, processing- and storage-intensive, dwp has […]

Going the Distance Down Under

Even as the world becomes “a smaller place” thanks to technology, organizations still can experience difficulties when their offices are spread out around the country, particularly when it comes to things like data replication for disaster recovery. This was the issue for Greg Rowe and Associates (GRA), a Perth, Australia-based planning practice offering services crucial […]