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10 Reasons to Switch from Riverbed to Silver Peak (Infographic)

10 Reasons to Switch from Riverbed to Silver Peak SoftwareWAN optimization customers are increasingly aware of the advantages of software, but many feel locked into the vendor-imposed hardware refresh cycle.

Silver Peak is offering Riverbed Steelhead WAN optimization customers a more cost-effective option by switching from Riverbed hardware to Silver Peak software.

We created an infograpic to highlight 10 reasons for switching to Silver Peak software to avoid a Riverbed Steelhead hardware refresh.  Here are 10 reasons for switching:

  • You are merely part of the $250 million installed-base of Riverbed Steelheads up for refresh next year.
  • The life of the Riverbed Steelhead hardware is three years, so increased cost is right around the corner.
  • Riverbed customers can save up to 86% by switching to Silver Peak software.
  • For example, Riverbed Steelhead EXA-560 costs $11,591 while Silver Peak VX software costs $1,675/yr.
  • Silver Peak WAN optimization software is 10x faster than Riverbed’s Virtual Steelhead.
  • Silver Peak software delivers more than two gigabits-per-second (Gbps) of optimized throughput.
  • Silver Peak software supports all four major hypervisors from VMware, Microsoft, Citrix and KVM.
  • Silver Peak offers a comprehensive portfolio of 12 virtual software products available for immediate download.
  • All Silver Peak software downloads come with a 30-day free trial with full support.
  • Virtual WAN optimization software is the fastest growing segment of the WAN optimization market.  According to the Dell’Oro Group, the virtual WAN optimization market will grow by 100% in 2013.

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