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5 More Ways WAN Optimization is Still Relevant

Computer NetworkYou’ve heard it, I’m sure. “Bandwidth is cheap. Why do we need WAN optimization?” It seems like a week doesn’t go by when I hear that question. I listed five reasons in my last post; here are five more to consider:

1) A Faster Cloud – WAN optimization dramatically reduces the time to move data into and out of the cloud. One customer saw the time to transfer a 34 MB file from California to Europe drop from 64 seconds to 3 seconds, a 21x improvement. That sort of performance is simply impossible with most native applications alone.

2) Service Provider Insurance – Service providers claim to be meeting their service layer agreements (SLAs), but are they, really? Without WAN optimization it’s hard to tell. Claims around packet loss are difficult to contest in part because most monitoring mechanisms are not fine-grained enough to detect performance differences. Silver Peak constantly monitors underlying network conditions thousands of times a second, providing enterprises with a highly accurate picture of the underlying network. With Silver Peak, organizations have an independent point of reference to hold their service providers accountable.

3) Aggregate Bandwidth – Need more bandwidth, but can’t get it from your ISP? No problem. Silver Peak’s ability to intelligently load balance traffic across multiple connections allows organizations to combine multiple lines together.

4) Preemptive Protection – Detect problems before they impact the network. Network outages and brownouts are often proceeded by marked increases in lost packets or changes in latency. Silver Peak can detect those changes and switch applications to alternative paths before users experience a disruption or slowdown.

5) Prevent Compliance Violations – Conventional IT tools often cannot distinguish between SaaS applications and other types of Web traffic. This is particularly a problem for regulated industries where many SaaS applications do not conform to compliance laws or industry regulations. For example, Google Drive does not encrypt data, exposing health organizations with employees relying on Drive to HIPAA penalties. With Silver Peak, though, IT can detect and control any type of SaaS application, protecting the organization from that sort of exposure.

There you have it. Five more reasons for WAN optimization even when bandwidth isn’t the issue. Think I’ve missed one? Let me know in the form below.