Silver Peak users sound-off about virtual WAN optimization

5,300 Virtual WANop Downloads and Growing

Virtual WAN optimization remains an unavoidable and disruptive market force, offering one of the most compelling cost-to-performance benefits in networking and information technology. This is evident today by the Silver Peak VX-Xpress (VX-X) being downloaded more than 5,300 times since it was introduced just three months ago!
Silver Peak users sound-off about virtual WAN optimization
Silver Peak’s VX-X is a free fully-functional virtual WAN optimization appliance, giving anyone the opportunity to quickly and easily deploy and experience the world’s most powerful WAN optimization technology…for free! These benefits translate across the entire Silver Peak portfolio and, at the high-end, our flagship VRX virtual data center class appliance provides 20 times the performance of competing products at one-third of the cost.

Generally speaking, Silver Peak offers the highest-capacity and most cost-effective WAN optimization solutions. The virtual appliances range from 4 Mbps of WAN capacity to 1 Gbps of WAN capacity, and the physical appliances provide up to 2.5 Gbps of WAN capacity. As part of Silver Peak’s VXOA strategy, Silver Peak virtual appliances operate on all common hypervisors and offer customers purchase flexibility with perpetual and subscription pricing.

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