8 Reasons to Love SDN

Eight Reasons to Love SDNs

8 Reasons to Love SDNThere’s so much talk about software defined networks (SDNs) and OpenFlow that it’s easy to lose sight of why you actually want SDNs in the first place. So without further ado and with a bit of help from this blog, here are eight reasons to love SDN:

  • Agility. OpenFlow-based SDNs creates flexibility in how the network is used, operated, and sold. The software that governs it can be written by enterprises and service providers using ordinary software environments. This is basically the value that’s brought by Agility.
  • Speed. SDNs promote rapid service introduction through customization, because network operators can implement the features they want in software they control, rather than having to wait for a vendor to put it in plan in their proprietary products.
  • Cost Savings. SDNs lowers operating expenses and results in fewer errors and less network downtime because it enables automated configuration of the network and reduces manual configuration.
  • Better Management. OpenFlow-based SDN enables virtualization of the network, and therefore the integration of the network with computing and storage. This allows the entire IT operation to be governed more sleekly with a single viewpoint and toolset.
  • Planning. OpenFlow can be easily integrated with computing for resource management and maintenance.
  • Focus. OpenFlow-based SDN can better align the network with business objectives.
  • More Competition. As a standard way of conveying flow-table information to the network devices, it fosters open, multi-vendor markets.
  • Table Conversation. Instead of saying you working in networking at the next party, no you can say “I program the enterprise.” Now, how cool is that?