Accelerated IPSec: Democratizing VPNs for All

IPSecWith the concerns around government wiretapping and data security, we’re announcing today the ability to encrypt all traffic between locations with AES-256. Accelerated IPSec though, is more than just another site-to-site VPN. It’s part of our strategy to democratize the network, allowing anyone to accelerate, secure and deliver any application across the cloud.

Whether applications need to be accessed from the branch, data replicated to a disaster recovery site, or a service delivered remotely, there’s always concern around the infrastructure. Hard outages in network core are rare, though backhoes have been known to take down the Internet, but there doesn’t need to be a complete break in connectivity to disrupt enterprise operations. A bad routing cable, poorly terminated connection, or simply the impact of latency and loss may degrade network performance. And even when the WAN works as advertised, the threat to your data may be so pressing that it’s unusable in the first place.

Silver Peak has always solved WAN performance problems, and with accelerated IPSec Silver Peak is also addressing  the security element. In under a minute, any Silver Peak customer can configure and deploy an IPSec tunnel between locations. Companies save on the cost of VPN hardware (about $1,000 to $2,500 per location) and they can deploy VPNs in minutes. “Creating the IPSec tunnels with Silver Peak was easier and faster than on a router,” said Steve Borba, network security engineer for Citizens Business Bank.  “It also gave us features beyond just VPN, such as WAN acceleration and SSL decryption.”

It’s not just that VPNs can be deployed fast, but that anyone can deploy a VPN easily without requiring access to the physical network. Just as Silver Peak’s Velocity democratized the network for storage managers, allowing the networking team to offload acceleration of replication traffic, so too accelerated IPSec allows anyone to protect their traffic.  Server teams can consolidate critical resources into the data center, reducing operating and capital costs, and avoid exposing the company to theft or loss of critical data in transit. Application teams, such as one responsible for an ERP rollout, can make critical data accessible to remote location.  All can do so without necessarily involving the networking team.

The third challenge, network availability, was addressed with our Dynamic Path Control introduction. Organizations can improve the branch office availability by connecting them to two or more networks. The Silver Peak software ensures that the WAN investment is not wasted by load balancing the traffic across the connections or choosing the optimum connection for a given application. Silver Peak even detects a marked increase in packet loss rates or latency, often a precursor to a more serious network outage, and can switch applications to alternative connections before the line fails without users ever noticing.

But relying on the Internet as a backup connection cannot be done with just Dynamic Path Control alone. Accelerated IPSec is an intrinsic part of the solution, protecting the data diverted across the Internet. By delivering both technologies in a single software package, Silver Peak allows any IT team to meet their cloud imperative securely and effectively.