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Jason "JE" English is Principal Analyst and CMO at Intellyx. Drawing on expertise in designing, marketing and selling enterprise software and services, he is focused on covering how agile collaboration between customers, partners and employees accelerates innovation. As employee #3 of ITKO and VP Marketing, he led marketing efforts for the development, testing and virtualization software company from its bootstrap startup days, through a successful acquisition by CA in 2011. JE co-authored the book Service Virtualization: Reality is Overrated to capture the then-novel practice of test environment simulation for Agile development and more than 60 thousand copies are in circulation today. JE has broad experience advising and working for companies offering cloud computing platforms, blockchain networks, SaaS-based solutions, industry-specific marketing tools, supply chain management and gaming. A writer, documentarian, and community builder, JE has written, hosted and edited hundreds of technical news, education and thought leadership blogs, event sessions, podcasts and videos. Follow him on Twitter at @bluefug.