Silver Peak for AWS: Streamlined Cloud, Streamlined Billing

AWS LogoStarting today, customers can purchase Silver Peak Cloud Acceleration for Amazon Web Services (AWS) as an annual subscription directly from the AWS Marketplace.

According to a recent ESG IT spending report, 42% of organizations that have operated 10 or fewer years are using Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) from providers like Amazon Web Services. As many of these cloud-centric businesses push AWS dev/test workloads into production, they need consumption of those cloud workloads to align with business models, ranging from one-time use to annual subscription periods.

Customers selecting vendors from AWS marketplace get streamlined billing and payment procedures when rolling out AWS-based services. By purchasing and managing subscriptions through the AWS Marketplace, customers can now gain the benefits of Silver Peak Cloud Acceleration without the complexity of multi-vendor accounting.

Silver Peak Cloud Acceleration for AWS improves data transfers to and from AWS by as much as 80 percent by correcting packet loss over the Internet, and it reduces the amount of data transmitted to and from AWS. Silver Peak’s real-time wide area network (WAN) optimization software will identify and eliminate repetitive data patterns from existing AWS data patterns that would normally increase traffic charges.

Coupled with Silver Peak’s core value in consistent cloud performance via data reduction and conditioning, this new pricing structure uniquely enables AWS customers to solve both technical and business challenges of deploying or extending a production cloud-accelerated WAN.