Green data center

WAN Optimization: Balancing Green with the Need for Speed

Green data centerAh, data center consolidation: the vehicle by which today’s businesses may achieve “Green” status. The many Green benefits of data center consolidation have been hashed and rehashed, blogged about and discussed, hailed and revered so much so that they are forever burned into our minds to the point where even the government has gone out of its way to seek energy efficiency through data center consolidation.

Certainly, energy efficiency and lower operating costs are among the benefits, as is attaining a competitive edge over non-Green competitors. And while we’re at it, let’s talk about the tax breaks for Green companies. In our April 15 blog “Going Green for Green“, we talked about the incentives initiated by former President George W. Bush and later amplified by the Obama administration. For the welfare of our planet and wallets, it’s good to be Green.

But, as Kermit the Frog used to say, “It isn’t easy being green.” While data center consolidation and the accompanying Green distinction present a financial boon and a reputation boost to companies of all sizes, it can also compromise efficiency for remote users accessing applications. Users tapping the centralized servers and storage located in close proximity to a branch office will no doubt experience LAN-like performance. But move the data center elsewhere to consolidate — and Greenify — and application performance goes down the tubes along with overall remote user productivity. Unless companies are willing to shell out big bucks for more bandwidth, latency will rule and WAN performance will suffer.

So how does a company balance a need for speed with its endeavor to be Green and cost-effective through data consolidation? There are really only a couple of choices: stick with what you’ve got and watch productivity lag or throw your WAN (and remote workers) a lifeline by using the most advanced WAN optimization technologies.

Silver Peak is at the cutting edge of WAN optimization technology, and its solutions aim to deliver LAN-like performance regardless of branch office proximity to the data center. It achieves this through a number of innovations and unique approaches. Network Memory™, for one, is Silver Peak’s WAN deduplication technology, used to inspect all inbound and outbound WAN traffic in real-time, storing a single local instance of data on each appliance. Essentially, it maximizes WAN bandwidth and lowers WAN expenditure.

Silver Peak also employs latency mitigation techniques to ensure all centralized applications work across the WAN with LAN-like performance, employing local information delivery whenever possible. Packet loss, which can dramatically affect performance, is also addressed with Silver Peak’s Network Integrity features, dramatically improving WAN quality.

The bottom line is that businesses can reap all the benefits of going Green with data consolidation without bowing under the backlash of latency and poor performance. And with this week’s announcement of VX-Xpress, a free, fully functional WAN optimization virtual appliance, and VRX-8, the industry’s highest capacity WAN optimization appliance, companies of all sizes and at all points of WAN optimization utilization – from entry-level to maxed out – can improve their WAN performance and go Green at the same time.