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Big Gifts Come in Small Packages

gift boxA user named Mrhoads has created a “demo in a box” to demonstrate a wide range “what-if” scenarios to customers that has some very cool features!

His demo works off a single ESXi 5.0 server which hosts two VX-Xpress virtual machines, a WAN emulator and two Windows 7 hosts. The two VMs are configured in router mode. He configured persistent routes in Windows 7 to ensure that the traffic between the two hosts is routed to the VMs and tapped WANEM as the WAN emulator, an open source solution, which includes many features that make it ideal for customer demos.

Mrhoads is able to create any WAN environment imaginable and then fix and improve it with the VX-Xpress VMs. After he’s closed one sale, he can quickly move on and set up the demo for the next customer.

You might say VX-Xpress is the gift that keeps on giving!


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