Junto Telecom selects Silver Peak

Brazilian Telecom Leader Dials-Up WAN Performance

Junto Telecom selects Silver PeakIn countries with large rural areas, like Brazil, the shared WAN can typically be subject to a variety of bandwidth, latency, and loss issues. This was an issue in particular for Junto Telecom, a top provider of voice and data services in Brazil.

Junto found that the local lines in Brazil were preventing the company from using nearly half of the shared WAN capacity. This further prohibited access to the company’s centralized applications being hosted in the data center and accessed across distances of more than 3,000 miles.

To solve this problem, Junto looked no further than data center class WAN optimization leader Silver Peak.  After implementing the Silver Peak VX virtual WAN optimization appliances, Junto Telecom achieved nearly 80% reduction in bandwidth utilization, and saw its traffic capacity traversing the same long-distance WAN more-than-double. While the telecom leader evaluated WAN optimization offerings, Silver Peak won outright for its unmatched performance and unique capability to optimize all forms of IP traffic.

Silver Peak is essentially “future-proofing” the WAN for Junto’s future expansion possibilities, which could include extended VoIP and IP video services.