Can current WOCs support massive file transfers?

This week I attended the Interop conference in New York. While I was there, I had the privilege to participate in a debate hosted by independent analyst, Jim Metzler, of Ashton, Metzler and Associates. The question posed in the debate was “whether or not the current generation of WAN optimization controllers (WOCs) can support massive file transfers between branch offices.”

The answer for Silver Peak is an emphatic “YES.”

Silver Peak’s Virtual Acceleration Open Architecture (VXOA) enables flexible and cost-effective WAN optimization deployments everywhere – from the largest data center to the smallest branch office. Virtualization enables scalability in both directions – up and down. This is in stark contrast to traditional (hardware-based) approaches which are fixed and limited.

Our customers want to leverage the cost benefits of commodity hardware and tailor their resources to the workload as required. Enterprises have started to move away from the notion of a single appliance for a single purpose and instead are starting to utilize commodity CPU and RAM infrastructure for all network services, including WANop.  Silver Peak VXOA enables customers to do exactly that: utilize available CPU and RAM capacity to deploy WAN optimization anywhere.

Silver Peak today offers physical and virtual appliances that scale beyond multi-Gig loads, offering 10 Gbps throughput in a single appliance. Customers such as Google, Yahoo, and Verizon rely on Silver Peak to optimize their largest data centers around the world, as well as their branch offices and public cloud deployments. And with the broadest range of physical and virtual offerings, Silver Peak gives our customers complete flexibility in how they want to deploy WANop, mixing and matching as needed.

In the end, Silver Peak is the only vendor with a full range of fully-functional and scalable WANop appliances — for the data center, the branch, and the cloud. You can count on the fact that Silver Peak will support the most massive data transfers to and from any location…our customers do!