Cheers to our New Customer!

Founded in 1948, Les Brasseries du Cameroun, aka Breweries of Cameroon (SABC), is the Anheuser-Busch of Cameroon, only more so. The business claims 70% of Cameroon’s alcoholic beverage market and 80% of the soft drink market, and in a single year produces roughly a quarter of a billion liters of beer. Also, much like its U.S. counterpart, SABC is heavily involved in athletic sponsorships, backing a number of soccer teams as well as the Cameroon national soccer team.

In addition to its commanding presence in its own country, SABC exports throughout the African nations. As such, it has a need to ensure speedy, reliable data transfers to and from its centralized data center and recently looked to WAN optimization to ensure its data transfer capabilities both for today and into the future.

SABC’s WAN optimization needs were met by Diademys, Silver Peak’s first integrator of IT solutions to be Gold certified in France.  After analyzing the WAN requirements of SABC, Diademys worked with SABC to deploy a mix of Silver Peak NX-1000 appliances at the company’s remote sites, and NX-3000 appliances at the data centers.  The Silver Peak Global Management System (GMS) was selected to assist Diademys and SABC with several phases of the deployment and ensure a fast rollout with consistent policy configuration across all 32 locations.  The Silver Peak GMS also provides granular monitoring of network and application behavior on the WAN, and is an ideal platform for performing routine maintenance functions such as scheduled backups, automatic software updates, and other vital device management.

SABC’s implementation is strong and compelling proof of the need for WAN optimization in organizations across the globe. Silver Peak is proud to be able to provide its data center class WAN optimization solution to this long-established corporation and look forward to being able to help meet its needs during its next half-century of doing business.