Recycling SilverPeak WANop Conservation

Conserving Resources the WANop Way

Recycling SilverPeak WANop ConservationWhen we think of conservation, certain topics come to mind – the environment, social issues, protecting animals and plants and their habitats. We think about how we can protect and sustain them to ensure they always have a future.

However, politicians, activists and societal leaders don’t seem to have any insight or concern about conserving technology investments. Whether it’s because of the tremendous costs of supporting IT infrastructure, or reducing the complexity that follows many technology advances, reducing and conserving data center and network infrastructure have become top-of-mind for virtually all organizations.

Virtualization, data center consolidation, cloud computing and bandwidth optimization are just a few examples of how those responsible for technology investments are responding to this need to conserve IT resources.

WAN optimization plays an integral role in enabling IT personnel to conserve business-critical and expensive technology investments. Conserving network bandwidth and data center resources is just the beginning of the benefits WAN optimizers deliver in the conservation movement.

Virtual WAN optimization solutions provide even greater conservation benefits. Virtual WAN optimizers can lower costs and space requirements, while improving resource capacity and reliability. They can provide a single solution for data center consolidation, branch offices, cloud computing, and disaster recovery environments.

To conserve bandwidth, WAN optimizers alleviate bandwidth congestion by reducing the amount of traffic that goes across the network using a combination of data compression, de-duplication and transmission optimization technologies. Quality of service technologies make application delivery more reliable when going over networks that are not directly under your control. In many cases, WAN optimization can result in a 20:1 reduction in network traffic. An impressive statistic for any conservationist!

Data center consolidation can save deployment, maintenance and support costs by reducing the number of servers and remote IT staff, and lowering IT infrastructure complexity. Many enterprises consolidate redundant data center facilities to save capital and operating expenses and reduce power costs.

With all of the benefits data center consolidation brings, it puts additional strain on the WAN, as increasing amounts of traffic must pass between the centralized data center and remote and mobile users. Inevitably, this leads to poor application performance and slow response times for branch offices, telecommuters and mobile workers. In fact, the benefits achieved by data center consolidation are causing new problems that inhibit user productivity, business communications and commerce.

WAN optimization solutions provide the answer, reducing network congestion by eliminating over 95% of unnecessary and redundant traffic. WAN optimization helps data center consolidation and avoids costly upgrading of WAN capacity in those locations.

These solutions are a key element for managing the increasing technology waste, and delivering the many benefits associated with conservation.

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