Convert to Virtual

Convert Hardware to Virtual Anytime, Free (Video)

Virtualization provides undeniable cost and flexibility benefits, but many customers are still navigating their way toward virtualized network services. And while some organizations may not quite be ready to make the switch to virtual, they will be at some point in the future.

Silver Peak has our customers’ backs with a software upgrade for life. This allows customers to buy hardware today knowing they can easily convert to virtual when they’re ready.

This is a lifetime investment protection program that allows Silver Peak hardware customers to freely transition to virtual WAN optimization software on any schedule, helping streamline the eventual transition to virtualized network services.

How’s it work? The video above provides a quick demonstration. Essentially, any Silver Peak NX-series hardware customer with a valid maintenance contract can be converted to an equivalent VX-series virtual software product at any time, free of charge. Customers simply log into the Silver Peak support portal and click the button “Convert to Virtual.” Of course, if you’re a new customer interested in Silver Peak virtual WAN optimization, you can visit the Silver Peak software marketplace and download a free, fully-functional trial with full support.

According to ESG’s recent 2013 IT Spending Intentions Research Report, organizations continue to list “increased use of server virtualization” as a top IT priority for 2013, demonstrating a desire for a more agile, responsive, and cost-effective IT environments. That same study also found the majority of these organizations will need to transform their IT environment without the aid of additional funds, with 50% of respondents reporting a flat IT budget and another 8% reporting a declining IT budget in 2013.

Convert to VirtualWith a comprehensive portfolio of high-performance virtual products and the free software upgrade for life, Silver Peak is helping customers to overcome these challenges and more quickly and easily transition to virtualization.

According to the IDC Worldwide Datacenter Network 2013-2017 Forecast and Analysis (doc# 241281, May 2013), “As virtualization and cloud continue to grow, enterprises will seek to leverage virtualized network and security services to align better with virtualized application workloads. In this context, enterprise IT departments will seek to tap the service velocity and flexibility of the virtual form factor.” Additionally, Dell’Oro Group’s Q4 2012 Data Center Appliance Report cites that the market for virtual WAN optimization will grow by 100% in 2013, while the overall market is only expected to grow by 6%.