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CSR Goes the Distance with Silver Peak

CSR LogoWhether you know it or not, CSR plc silicon and software is behind most consumer electronics we use everyday. This includes platforms and standards such as Bluetooth, GPS, FM radio, Wi-Fi, and Near Field Communication.

So when this global leader of innovative silicon and software needed to improve the performance of interactive applications between its global offices, the company demanded the best. Most notably, CSR needed to optimize the performance of various interactive applications, including Perforce, Microsoft file services (CIFS), and engineering design tools using computer aided design (CAD).

Working with Response Data Communications (RDC) in the UK, and following a three-month evaluation period of leading WAN optimization vendors that also included Riverbed, Silver Peak’s software emerged as the clear choice for accelerating the CSR infrastructure.

“With our business relying so heavily on instant access to centrally saved data, it is imperative that we minimize the amount of graphical data delivered across the WAN,” said Mark Taylor, senior support analyst at CSR.

By deploying Silver Peak’s software-based acceleration at all 26 of its sites, covering nearly 2,100 employees across 10 countries, CSR has reduced network costs substantially and reduced network traffic significantly, ensuring a consistent application experience for all employees.

Taylor added, “We tested a lot of solutions, with Silver Peak winning on performance. In fact, Silver Peak outperformed its competitors in 95 percent of the tests we ran.”

Did you hear that? Silver Peak outperformed the competitors (including Riverbed) in 95 percent of the comparative tests!  Customer…after customer… after customer…this theme continues to ring true across the industry, and with customers across every sector. And CSR is a great example of how the success of a business is relying on the performance delivered by Silver Peak software.