Silver Peak WANop overload

Danger! Overload!

Overload-WANop-SilverPeak“I have a theory about the human mind. A brain is a lot like a computer. It will only take so many facts, and then it will go on overload and blow up.” – Erma Bombeck.

Actually, the same thing holds true for the communication pipelines that drive today’s electronic commerce and business-to-business communications. Virtually every organization relies on the Internet, WANs and MPLS networks to sell, communicate socially and share information within a corporate environment. But when these networks become saturated, and cannot handle the amount of users and applications running over them, they become slow and unreliable. We all know the dire results when this happens.

Networks have become so vital to our society and our economy that we can’t afford to have them under-perform. That’s why WAN optimization solutions were developed. Below are five key areas to look for WAN optimization to play an important role in keeping networks running quickly and reliably.

  • Throughput – WAN capacity that can simultaneously handle data reduction, compression, QoS, and latency/loss mitigation at high WAN speeds (up to multiple Gbps in a single appliance).
  • Storage Capacity –Disk-based WAN deduplication will provide superior memory retention and performance. Find a WAN optimizer that can support multiple TB in a single appliance.
  • High Flow Counts – WAN optimizers that are not limited by the number of transport-layer (TCP, UDP, RTP) flows in a network.
  • Wirespeed Encryption – WAN optimizers that leverage state-of-the-art hardware will ensure that encryption does not adversely impact scalability and performance.
  • Application Breadth – WAN acceleration that operates at the network layer of the ISO stack will provide data reduction, compression, and other techniques across all enterprise applications, including SQL, VoIP, and video.

If you are responsible for managing your organization’s network infrastructure, and remote users — or worse, management — are calling in to complain because your network is slow or unreliable, choosing a WAN optimizer with these five key capabilities will help to ease your heavy load.

image source: flickr (eurleif)