liquid assets silver peak

Data: The Newest Liquid Asset

liquid assets silver peakWhen you think of liquid assets, the first thing that probably comes to mind is cash. But, in today’s Internet-driven world, an enterprise’s biggest liquid asset is data. Vast amounts of highly valuable and extremely prized data flows over public and shared networks. This data is highly mobile; moving across diverse and distributed networks, and includes purchasing transactions, customer information, market data and other vital corporate information.

Data acceleration is being driven by many factors, including mission-critical enterprise applications, dynamic social networking applications, delivery of multi-media content, and migrating and replicating data to remote locations.

When it comes to data acceleration, there are lots of options. By removing application and storage delivery constraints, and increasing performance and availability, data acceleration provides real-time access to web applications and data stores, and granular visibility into dispersed applications. Data acceleration helps lower IT costs, simplifies data delivery, moves data quickly to far away locations over long distance networks, and makes data available when it’s needed and accessible anywhere in the world.

Imagine market traders depending upon ultrafast machine trading software to make automatic, high frequency trades that deliver fast profits, but neglecting to purchase fast and reliable network infrastructure to support it. They might have equities, options, futures, currencies, and other financial instruments that are electronically traded. An investment might only be held for a brief period of time, rapidly trading into and out of positions as much as tens of thousands of times a day. They might have the best computer, software and security for their business, but, in fact, they could lose everything in seconds if they over-look the critical application delivery vehicle – the network.

The need for data acceleration is increasing dramatically, not only because of the explosion of sophisticated and complex networked applications, but also because of the fast changing technologies that are creating new business models and providing new competitive advantages. These technologies include virtualization, cloud services, server and storage consolidation, and the growth of storage area networks.

Data acceleration solutions such as WAN optimizers protect organizations from the inefficiencies associated with bandwidth utilization and the lack of network reliability that slows and disrupts business and services. Every day these network problems plague the delivery of applications and data over unpredictable networks.

It is a physical fact, distance and excess data are the enemy of networks. The further the data travels, the slower and more error-prone the data becomes. Data acceleration effectively shrinks the boundaries between data centers and remote users, and improves bandwidth efficiencies by removing data redundancies and localizing content. They also correct errors and out-of-order packets, by rebuilding packets in real-time, instead of requiring retransmissions – substantially improving the reliability of application delivery.

This is not only effective for public web applications and internal mission-critical applications, but also has performance benefits for migrating data, upgrading data stores, consolidating storage, and integrating new storage devices.

When it comes to your network, don’t let the challenges of data mobility hamper your range of business.

Image source: flickr (andredoreto)