David Hughes Featured on BBC

CTO and Co-Founder David Hughes took time out from his recent trip to Europe to talk with the BBC Business News to explain how the growth of corporate data is putting a strain on networks. David explained how WAN optimization is being used by businesses to help with big IT projects, including data center consolidation, data migration, disaster recovery, server centralization and global application and desktop virtualization. Pointing out that as global corporations are trying to save money by consolidating data in centralized locations, there is building pressure on their ability to get that data out effectively to staff located around the world. This has become more difficult as companies open operations in parts of the world where network connections can be slow or inconsistent. “If you’ve got people working in a remote location, and they can’t access the network, they can’t get their jobs done,” he pointed out.

Looking to the future, he suggested that one of the most significant changes occuring in computing is the move toward virtualization. “Traditionally, we ‘ve sold physical applicances,” he explained, “with virtual appliances we can install software on almost any hardware. This opens up a lot of interesting opportunities in terms of where and how our technology can be used.”

The news segment, which asks high-profile technology decision-makers three questions each week, also asked David the biggest technology mistake he has made—either at work or in his own life. To see his answer, as well as those to the other two questions, take a look at the story http://bbc.in/kLFcgF.