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Dear MPLS, We Need to Break Up

Dear MPLS,

I’ve considered writing this letter for quite some time.  Fifteen years is a long time together, especially in the technology world. Many would say that this is long overdue. We’ve had our ups and downs as many relationships do, but alas, I’ve met someone else.

When we first met in the 90’s you were so full of life and had such a bright future. I had a relatively easy and reliable way to connect my offices and data centers together, and you always did a great job of getting my packets from point A to B. Over the years as you started to mature and learn more about my needs, you offered advanced services such as COS/QOS and higher SLAs for my traffic. However, you have some really bad habits and that you haven’t been able to kick.

As the enterprise WAN became more important and we started to push more traffic, you’ve largely remained the same. Connections like the T1 are just so 90’s and I need more than 1.5Mbps for my web, voice, VDI, video, WebEx, email, file sharing and streaming traffic. My users are unhappy, and so much of it is because of you. When I told you that I couldn’t afford the high monthly fees and excessive cost per megabit, you barely budged. If that wasn’t bad enough you struggle to keep pace with my business, sometimes lagging months behind to be installed after I’ve opened a new location or not being available at all in some areas.

“MPLS, I’m leaving you… for the Internet.”

Out of respect, I didn’t want to tell you who my new WAN provider was, but since you are familiar with them I thought you should know, it’s the Internet. I know what you’re going to say, the internet doesn’t offer QoS, sometimes there are high amounts of packet loss and it’s not secure. I’ve done my research though, and what you are offering in those statements is only FUD. From a cost perspective, the internet is on average 1/10th the cost of you and offers extremely high-speed connections without an exponential increase in cost. To securely connect my sites together I can simply install a VPN which offers highly secure connectivity and when I need to order a line, it doesn’t take months to get. The internet is able to keep speed with my business in more ways than you can.

You might be thinking, what about those real-time applications that need QOS and a guarantee to not have packet loss? The reality is that I can get all of those things with the right software-defined WAN solution. Packet loss can be mitigated through parity and QoS can be guaranteed by software. The combination of these technologies removes the need for you altogether, and companies like Silver Peak have provided this service for quite some time.

It’s been great knowing you, and I appreciate all that you have done for me over the years. I’m sure you will still find others who are willing to pay for you, but please don’t bother to call me anymore. I simply can’t afford your high cost and slow performance.

Your Former Customer

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